Intelligent home intelligent future, Ophilight is expected to benefit from the industry dividend

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In recent years, through the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, home appliances have been equipped with centralized management, remote control, connectivity, independent learning and other functions, creating a convenient, comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly intelligent living environment for people.According to China Merchants bank smart home industry research report shows, because smart home compared with traditional home has a lot of advantages, the industry overall will maintain long-term growth in high speed.According to Statista data and Yi Ou think tank, the market size of smart home is 250 billion yuan in 2017, is expected to reach 435.4 billion yuan in 2020, and will break through 800 billion yuan in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of up to 15.8%. It will be a trillion-dollar market in the future.With the increase of per capita disposable income and the change of the preferences of the main consumer groups, consumers for small appliances and smart home focus and consumption concept has also changed.According to CSHIA Research’s “White Paper on Ecological Development of Smart Home in China 2020”, from the current usage frequency of each item of Smart home in China, users’ usage frequency of smart door locks ranks second among all items, reaching 18.14%.Oufeiguang IOT product line director Zhao Youfei once said in the tide electricity think tank “the second intelligent door lock leaders Summit”, industry statistics of the top four C-end data accounted for 53.6%, Xiaomi is far ahead, from the trend, the head of the brand is accelerating the development.And in the impact of the epidemic, and the development of home decoration industry, increased.Intelligent door lock upstream product supply continues to break through, downstream user demand continues to rise, has become one of the most bright scene of smart home.In the field of intelligent door lock, Ophilight can provide fingerprint, camera, cat eye, binocular face, structured light face, TOF module and other technical support.Zhao Youfei said that Ofitlight will provide a complete set of products and services from intelligent door lock sensors (including visual, auditory, tactile and other aspects) to system computing and data wireless transmission.At the summit, Zhao Youfei introduced the haptic feedback fingerprint and motor plus fingerprint technology of Ophilight, which can make products feel more tactile and better.At the same time, The company has also launched anti-bacterial fingerprinting technology, which can reduce infection by 99.8 percent due to the severe spread of the virus.In addition, Zhao youfei also introduced the lamp fingerprint, ultrasonic fingerprint, customizable fingerprint sensor and other technologies.Existing intelligent door lock products still have high power consumption, high cost, poor experience and other pain points need to be solved.Oufeiguang will continue to empower the transformation and upgrading of intelligent door locks, accelerate the reshuffle period in the industry, create high value-added products, and achieve intelligent breakthrough.Under the dual influence of home culture and epidemic situation, all kinds of intelligent small household appliances have more advantages in functionality and convenience, helping the young generation to solve the needs of life at the same time, improve the quality of life and happiness.According to a large number of small household appliances consumer research data, now young people (18-30 years old) in many categories of small household appliances pay more attention to kitchen and life small household appliances.Among the small household appliances of 18-23 year olds, cleaning items attract the most attention. About 64.2% of respondents want to buy a robot for sweeping the floor and 42.1% want to buy a vacuum cleaner.Research report shows that before 2019, sweeping robot is the fastest growing category of cleaning appliances, with a long-term growth rate of more than 40%.However, 2019 has become a watershed for the industry, with the growth rate of the industry rapidly decreasing from 40% in the previous year to -9%, mainly due to the rapid increase of penetration rate after the rapid popularization of sweeping robots, and the lack of disruptive technological innovation at the product level.In the field of sweeping robots, OfitLIGHT has developed TOF 3D ranging and obstacle avoidance technology, which uses front-facing TOF camera and high-precision sensor to cooperate and calculate space intelligently, and can quickly achieve the ranging and obstacle avoidance of sweeping and towing robots.Previously on the investor interactive platform, Oufei light also said that the company currently has sweeping robot related products in supply.Released in 2020, millet rice home flagship JiSao robot 1 t, picked up the thin light together with PMD&IFX to sweep the floor machine field development ToF 3 d scheme, implementation lead ToF camera and high precision of the sensor fusion, through accurate calculation and intellisense, rapid implementation of the obstacles of distance and obstacle avoidance, avoid caton, more intelligent.Equipped with ToF 3D ranging and obstacle avoidance technology applied in the field of unmanned driving, the sweeping robot uses front-facing ToF camera and high-precision sensor to cooperate, calculate space intelligently, and quickly realize obstacle ranging and obstacle avoidance.At the same time, the technology is detected from the photon level, and the perception accuracy is 10 times higher than the infrared. It can more clearly identify the close surrounding environment of the sweeper, and perfectly avoid the problem that the obstacle sweeper and the AI obstacle sweeper can’t move.Oufeiguang official wechat public number has published an article, the company held a special market strategy meeting in April 2021, and said that to make sweeping robot and intelligent door lock manufacturing and scheme as soon as possible, do a good job, stronger.At present, the development of smart home is starting from the single product intelligent, driven by the demand of residents to improve the level of consumption, housework time compression, demographic change, the next stage, smart home will change from quantitative to qualitative change, constantly driving product upgrade, so as to achieve the whole house intelligent.Benefiting from the high prosperity development of the industry, Oufeiguang will realize the demand resonance with the terminal, provide catalyst for the future development of enterprises, empower the industry with technology, and open a new chapter of development.