It’s not just about food

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Lu Youlun, a farmer from Kaijiang County, Sichuan Province, and Ran Qiyi, a farmer from Liangping District, Chongqing, pose for a photo in front of a couplet.Chinese New Year dishes are delivered to the home of yi Ruyuan (left), a disabled soldier, at a rest home for disabled Revolutionary soldiers in Sichuan Province.About 9:30 on January 30, Kaijiang County town and Chongqing Liangping district Xinsheng town border union bridge, three red lanterns through the winter mist, slowly from the town of Xinsheng town to the direction of the town of ren moving.”Happy New Year!”Happy New Year, happy New Year!”Found across the river came to the old friend, deng Zhangming, deputy mayor of the town hurriedly took the town of large farmers to meet up.Shake hands, took the lantern, while talking, the opposite friend from Chongqing to Sichuan territory.This year’s New Year’s Eve dinner placed in Sichuan “Liangping ba Zi Open river field, mature a season tube for three years.”A warm reunion before the Spring Festival, which has been the fixed “program” for many years between the two adjacent large families.In order to meet his old friend from across the bridge, Kaijiang made full preparations.”Welcome, welcome!Party scene, local propaganda cadres He Nu first sent a good gift, took out pen and ink to write Spring Festival couplets on the scene, “Sichuan and Chongqing adjacent roads are connected, rice and fishery production is in harmony with each other”, “neighbors hand in hand, heart and hand together to build their homes”.”This Spring Festival couplets have a new idea, write the new atmosphere of our two places.”Holding Spring Festival couplets, new sheng town grain farmers Liu Shaobing repeatedly praise, “I want to take a pair of home to stick up.””Sichuan and Chongqing family, we stick Spring Festival couplets together.”Take out the ladder, we hand in hand, put the Spring Festival couplets on the wall, lanterns also hung in front of the door.Inside, also already busy, a sumptuous reunion dinner is stepping up preparation.This year the Tiger Spring Festival reunion dinner, the main ground in the town of the large family qu Chaoheng home.Beef slices, Kaijiang bean bamboo shoots, Renshi salted duck and other specialties were purchased in advance. In order to do a good job of this unusual hot pot, Qu Chaoheng and his family went out and got busy early in the morning.Zhang Duck, Liangping pomelo…Friends across the river brought liang Ping’s New Year’s flavor into the kitchen of the reunion dinner.”Dinner’s ready, old boys.”At 12:30, Qu Chaoheng shouted, the reunion dinner officially opened.On a large round table, the hot pot was boiling and fragrant.Qu poured everyone a full glass of wine from his vineyard.In the laughter, we enjoyed the food of Sichuan and Chongqing and tasted the flavor of the New Year together.Next year to Chongqing group year “this year, I also prepare to raise point crayfish to try, old brother to many guidance oh.”Ran Qiyi, a big rice farmer in Xinsheng, walked over to Lu.”No problem. You taught me how to plant rice.”The two have known each other for many years. The 10-year-old ran ran has developed 100 mu of rice cultivation and crayfish farming in Renshi Town.After hearing the two men’s discussion, Chen Wenyao, the person in charge of the management Committee of the Modern agricultural Park of Rice and fishery in Kaijiang County, took the words, “rest assured, not only is the technical support, but the most critical shrimp seedlings can be solved in Kaijiang.”Liu Shaobing, 51, also grows rice in Xinsheng town, has his own new plan. “This year, I will cross the bridge to plant rice.””Chengdu-chongqing area shuangcheng economic circle construction continues hot, we should be more active across the bridge development.”Chen Wenyao rose to raise his glass again and brought us good news. Liangping Kaijiang is an important link of chengdu-Chongqing modern efficient characteristic agricultural belt. The two sides have jointly completed the planning and design of the construction of modern agricultural industrial park.”Next year’s New Year, we will do dongha, you come to Chongqing group year!”The new sheng town of large farmers issued an invitation.Warm changjin Lake battle veteran zhouquan brother: Lunar New Year’s dishes delivered home, happy!”Zhou Lao Revolution, ‘fu’ has arrived!I wish you a happy year of the Tiger, good health and long life.January 30, 9 o ‘clock, sichuan revolutionary disabled soldiers rest home rongjun rest building beaming, rest home leaders with service medical staff came to the veteran of the war against the United States and Aid Korea, complete brother of the old man’s home, for him to paste “fu”, paste Spring Festival couplets.”Good!Great!Today this year happy, happy.”The old man was happy from ear to ear.Quan Di, an 87-year-old disabled soldier, was a witness of the Changjin Lake Battle.”Today I came to paste Spring Festival couplets. Two days ago, the courtyard sent four dishes to everyone.”Quan Quan brother said happily to reporters.Affected by the epidemic, the annual New Year’s Eve dinner for disabled soldiers in the nursing home has been cancelled.To this end, the rest home decided to send everyone home, so that disabled soldiers at home can feel the thick taste of the New Year.According to the advice of the disabled soldiers, the final dishes are four dishes: braised white with salty sauce, dongpo elbow, beef tongue with rattan pepper and stewed duck with sour radish.Through early days buy, on January 26, sichuan province revolution disable soldier rest courtyard of dining room more than 10 staff members 5 o ‘clock in the morning began busy: duck blanch, slow stew, elbow son burn skin, stew rotten, salty burn white is made with fine goods pork belly more.In addition to Zhou Zhoudi, the rest house also sent home New Year’s Eve dishes to all the disabled soldiers in the hospital, including Tu Boyi, a veteran who fought against The United States and helped Korea.”My little son has come back from Guangxi and will stay at home with me.”Smiling, The old man told reporters that this was the happiest thing for him during the New Year. “A lot of things in life can be less trouble for the waiters in the courtyard.”On the day of the New Year’s Eve, grandpa Zhou and his family had a reunion dinner.On the same day, the eldest son’s family came back, the youngest son’s family also came back, but only the daughter’s family could not come back from Guangdong.”My two great grandchildren are back, one is only half a year old, and he is very good.”The elderly man told the reporter mysteriously that he gave each grandchild 800 yuan in red envelopes. “The red envelopes are in the drawer of the wheelchair, please open them.”Grandpa Zhou quietly said to reporters.Sure enough, the reporter pulled open the drawer below the wheelchair, the red envelope came out.”Cheers!Best wishes for a better year!”Grandpa Zhou picks up his glass with his broken leg and clink his glasses with his family to wish them a better tomorrow.(Zhuo Junfan reporter Yuan Min Yuan Chenglin Li Dan)