Shijingshan District street held winter Olympics vanguard party branch flag ceremony

2022-06-29 0 By

In order to further play the role of the Party organization fighting fortress and the vanguard exemplary role of party members, to do a good job in the Winter Olympic Games service guarantee work, The Laoshan Sub-district organization of Shijingshan District held the winter Olympic Vanguard Party branch flag ceremony, to grass-roots party organizations, party members issued action proposals, and to the winter Olympic vanguard party branch representative flag.The flag ceremony by the street office director Yang Yuzhong presided over.Flag ceremony, old street committee to the grass-roots party organizations, party members issued a “being a good wonderful games host, make peace keeper of the games, to be green, the games are practitioners, be sharing games LingXianRen” initiative, called on the street all the grass-roots party organizations, party members to conscientiously do a good job in every run good games “last one kilometer” of service guarantee.Subsequently, Yang Yuzhong, the director of the street office of the Old Mountain street Winter Olympic Pioneer party branch was set up to report: the old mountain street set up the Winter Olympic Peace pioneer Party branch 12, the winter Olympic cultural pioneer Party branch 1, the winter Olympic volunteer pioneer Party branch 1.Winter Olympics vanguard party branch representative, property party member representative and resident party member representative have made a statement to speak, that will go all out to do a good job in the winter Olympics service security work of determination, with practical action for the flag of the party, add luster for the Winter Olympics.Event, appoint secretary to neutralise Hao Xianjun peace pioneer party branch representative ZuoDongFang flag, and to old street all the grass-roots party organizations, party members at the meeting stressed for best Beijing 2022 Olympics and winter paralympic games the shijingshan district service provide strong organization guarantee security work, make the party’s flag fluttered in the fact that service the first line.We should turn the party’s political advantages, organizational advantages, and advantages in connecting with the masses into a powerful force for providing high-level services for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and show the splendor of Shijingshan to the world with full spirit and enthusiasm.Beijing Youth Daily Reporter Liu Jing Correspondent Wang Hengxuan editor/Li Xiaomeng