Xinmi city water supply center: repair pipe network despite wind and snow

2022-06-29 0 By

Times Report (correspondent Xu Aiyuan) On the evening of February 14, the new Mi West station opposite the water pipe network leakage.Xinmi city water supply center maintenance department staff rushed to the scene despite the cold, after more than three hours of emergency repair, 15 at 12 a.m.On that day, the weather suddenly changed, the temperature suddenly dropped, the wind was biting.At 8 o ‘clock in the evening, detection of leakage maintenance section chief Lu Guoliang dispatch room notice, the car west station opposite the water leakage pipeline, has leaked into the residents’ basement material warehouse, the street surface water has frozen, is a big hidden danger, must be eliminated in time.After receiving the task, although it was snowing heavily outside, the staff of the maintenance section still carried emergency repair tools and rushed to the scene despite the wind and snow.It was found that the 3 inch pipe of wrought-iron built in the 1990s was cracked and leaked by tree roots.In order to repair the pipeline as soon as possible, maintenance personnel immediately develop emergency repair plans, we use shovels to break the ice, knock bricks, clean up roots, pick excavation operations and other methods……After hours of continuous fighting, we overcame all difficulties in the emergency repair and restored water supply to the areas along the route, ensuring people’s demand for water.It is these ordinary people who, in the face of the loss of the vital interests of the center and the people, come forward to repair the leak in spite of wind and snow to avoid the loss of the interests of the masses and the center.With excellent technology, sincere service, full of enthusiasm to do extraordinary things, with their own hard work to protect every urban water supply lifeline, to protect the city’s people at ease with water.