0-3 defeat!Zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata failed to reach the last four, Japan Table Tennis Association should give up?

2022-06-30 0 By

On March 14, in the quarterfinal of grand Slam mixed doubles in WTT Singapore, The combination of Zhang Benzhiwa/Hina Hayata of Japan played against huang Zhenting/Du Kaiqin of Hong Kong of China, and the result was that Huang Zhenting/Du Kaiqin swept 3-0.For the Japan Table Tennis Association, zhang Benzhiwa/Hina Hayata this dismal record, should consider a replacement?But there don’t seem to be many.In last year’s world Table Tennis Championships in Houston, Zhang Benzhihe/Xina Hayata met Huang Zhenting/Du Kaiqin, and the result was that Zhang Benzhihe/Xina Hayata won 3-1, and finally Zhang Benzhihe/Xina Hayata reached the final, losing to Wang Chu Qin/Sun Yingsha 3-0 and won the runner-up.A few months later, Huang Zhenting/Du Kaiqin and Zhang Benzhihe/Hina Hayata meet in the GRAND Slam of WTT Singapore, and the Chinese And Hong Kong pair start the crushing mode and sweep 11-9, 11-6, 11-6, the match takes a little more than 20 points.For Japanese duan, in the new Olympic cycle, seems to be the main Zhang Benzhi Tian Xina combination and/early, but for now, what this union does not seem to have very strong competitiveness, especially have ITO beauty cheng/water falcon Tokyo Olympic Games mixed doubles gold medal do contrast, Zhang Benzhi and/early Tian Xina pressure big, if the Japanese came to like the Tokyo Olympic Games cycle,What about the various stages of finding new combinations?