Senior teacher post appointment for life system, whether to continue or break, there is a place to move

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In recent years, teachers’ professional titles, teachers’ posts and professional salary have been concerned and criticized by teachers.The reason is concerned, because the title is high, the post grade is high, the salary is also high.After a deputy senior teacher was evaluated as a senior professional title, the post level jumped from seven to four, and the actual monthly salary increased by 1,920 yuan.So teachers want to be promoted to a higher title as soon as possible, get higher and better treatment.The reason why it is criticized is that there is a limit on the proportion of teachers’ professional titles, especially for intermediate and senior titles. Even if you meet the promotion conditions, there are too few places, which leads to fierce competition and numerous contradictions in the process of professional title evaluation.Some teachers who have been teaching for more than 10 or even 20 years are not qualified for intermediate titles, and some teachers who have been working all their lives are retired with intermediate titles.Also, teacher title belong to for life, not only, so some teachers once promoted senior titles, pay up, also once and for all, ship to the port car arrived and from then on don’t want to hard to go to class, so try to take a few not examination, vice class, or simply return to the logistics jobs, completely off the podium.Cause primary title teacher’s dissatisfaction thereby, they stem the work is much, stem the work is heavy, treatment is not able to go up however.It is precisely because of some disadvantages in the professional title of teachers, in recent years all parts of the country are trying to reform the professional title system.Online news, recently, hainan Education Department, Hainan Human resources and social security department issued the “Hainan Primary and secondary School Senior technical Job employment Period management Measures”.Its core is to implement the post appointment system for teachers and break the lifetime system.The measures make it clear that local education administrative departments are responsible for appointing school principals to senior professional and technical positions.The employment of school teachers to senior professional and technical positions in primary and secondary schools shall be the responsibility of the schools to which the teachers belong.The term of employment is generally three years. After the term of one round of employment, a new round of employment should be carried out to determine the candidates for employment.Break the advanced teaching jobs for life, implements the system of appointment, senior position after the period must be made to the expiry of the examination, according to the assessment results and then according to the senior positions of employment, low hire or dismiss, implement advanced teaching jobs can, under the favorable to arousing the initiative of teachers’ work, promote the benign development of the teaching jobs, so to speak,Hainan’s pioneering approach is worthy of affirmation and reference.However, I think it is a good thing to break the tenure system for senior teachers, but it may not have a good result that teachers are appointed to senior professional and technical positions in primary and secondary schools by their own schools.This is because, being in charge of the school means that the principal has the final say.How to compete for employment, how to assess, how to appoint, if the same as the title review, there is a limit on the proportion of posts, do not do well, and will cause new competition, new contradictions, because there are people where there are rivers and lakes.In my opinion, some things need not be too complicated. The more complicated things are, the more problems there are. So is breaking the lifetime system of senior teachers.Teacher post is to see take a class, can such regulation, senior teacher must take the course of this major, and must have certain workload, achieve this one requirement, can continue to hire for senior teacher, otherwise, can low hire or dismiss.I do not know everyone to break the senior teacher post life system has any views, any suggestions, welcome to discuss, welcome to leave a message.To learn more, please pay attention to “Three feet platform all the way Sing”!