She’s attractive because she’s good at being herself

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A poem is Every day of the original poetry and dreams, don’t again and I brushed past with like-minded friends to join the circle open, beautiful poetic time, to a poem is in the world of heavy and complicated, can give you a quiet (added circle card here, please go to today’s headlines client view) when days are common, a porridge, rice is to make,Fortunately, in firewood, rice, oil and salt, but there is missing, there is text, there is scenery, there is hope, there is love, and warm ………………◎ Treasure the beautiful people and things you look for or encounter on the way.Don’t expect the next station, there is the original scenery, miss things may be far away.Does the old street/Hlove king wen ya hui stone house vacancy growing alley cat amok – can also walk old people gathered in the corner of twisting the cigarette, in the sun along while say a word, the sun from the left cheek turn to the right wind house, the tree may have no sound when a person is interested in things, the more the more happy.Because of the loss of one thing, and another.Life is too short to be interested in everything, but it’s better to have enough interest to fill your days.Every age has its uneasiness, hardship, bitterness and unspeakable existence. If you can stay in a corner, enjoy the present moment.This green train has more tunnels than bright fields. Each passing by may be a dim street lamp at a station or a crowd of people.Mushroom-shaped clouds grow in my hometown sometimes the few sweets I hold in my childhood – a journey without an end, with a great whistling sound as I run against the wind, the people who get off the bus do not look back, ignore the ones who cry out their names, and still sit down. They use their company to cover the pain of passing away, but they can say:I’ve been here and I’ve had it. – Good thing,Every lock was followed by a cold spring pulls out the sunlight and keys have always thought that was their parents too old days will be a new thought carelessly will still be on the same original sometimes we choose roadways and sometimes it is the choice we have wen/with the person this “the secret of the spring wind light cloud finely RiNuan fiber urgent desire language cloud on the early bud and the low one tree feelings and spring setGood News Spring sunshine shines on the earth. There is a magic touch of love. The wind rises and the clouds surge.That’s the best attitude.Don’t lose your happiness to someone who doesn’t like you, and then forget it to someone who likes you.(byMo yan) have in the first month of the henan henan the haven’t wake up from the chill of a New Year’s day busy growing strong warm has to fill up the years deserted – snow back to vacate the emptiness and lonely just foil with fill the thick affection of fireworks form a beautiful scenery line of a wisp of slightly stiff spring breeze woke tired standing on earth spring drums – a motionlessThe revival of the scene is staged on the branches and the boundless wind and clouds on the eye bud cry can contain the deep heart shout quiver read Sushi, remember a “last year today guanshan Road, the rain plum is dead.”Forget about the past and live your life today.◎ There is no flower, the beginning is a flower.There is not a flower, to the end is still a flower.◎ You listen, plain autumn night condensation, is my hot heart.Follow your gentle eyebrows, immersed in the rain cloud temperature.Thus, unsuspectedly stumbled.First send a piece of red leaves in yaotang, perhaps doomed to be elated.- he qing when singing in time “to the open mind/people-oriented time always GuRong the vicissitudes of the past also hold bright future as a standing in the branches of kingfisher intently watching over the years, ready to capture the lake below the surface of target we have to stay in a hurry at any time in the day of salvage their dreams – every day of life is the only not let we miss such as easilyWatches a dove village looked at every traveler carefully lest misses a pursuit of smoke from the loved ones we must watch every reunion moments in the day of love with the warmth of the human – every day is precious beyond us to ignore even a trace of lost time in we are still wedded to their turneth the edge of row knot opening time sang to years one of the best stateIs alone time, quiet, comfortable, not constrained, not accommodation, adults decompression way, has not been eating and drinking, but empty themselves, enjoy loneliness!◎ Happiness is nothing more than the suspension of desire…– Schopenhauer thecountry. “I want to live in the wild” wen/build wood I want to live in the wild for a clear night sitting on the soft grass Static, such as the wind to then Followed Locke ringtones to listen to the sound in the intermittent sound Look up at the starry sky, the sky of stars mingled with the firefly scattered in the wilderness As the wind and jump on my clothesI shake my body in my hair and the starlight hides in my dream that haunts my dream and makes me smell a scent that wades through inaccessible valleys and unbroken hills with the smell of a thousand years of snowdrops drifting from the distant Tianshan Mountains into my dream and I will forget◎ A person’s cards: talent, insight, wealth.The bottom card is a kind of confidence that everyone has when dealing with problems. Because of the existence of these bottom cards, we can better face life.◎ “Seven Laws · Osmanthus flowers”/The Bodhi tree is lonely and cold, and the Garden of Morning glow is especially recalled.In front of two banana wan, a tree evergreen.◎ Beauty is in the bone, not in the skin…Some people good-looking is to rely on thick makeup, some people good-looking is the precipitation that experienced years, but a person is the most good-looking appearance, or return uncut jade.◎ She became a life many people dare not live, offended many people will live.◎ She is very charmingBecause she is very good at doing her own when “in the spring miss you wen/golden lily flowers are busy go away leaving only memories I still keep my washing with balcony sunshine flourish and there are green catches lee warm – the sky there are water melting night stars you left behind by a smile and then learned to ripple to milk voice milk gas locust – had doves fly out of hibernation woods that clouds should die in the thoughts of the stuffed◎ Ignorance is terrible, but there is nothing more terrible than not knowing your ignorance.◎ Nothing this sitting, have a blessing to read.◎ Books are tools to transform the soul.What human beings need is enlightening nourishment.And reading is just such nourishment.◎ Books have life, they contain a potential of life, as active as the author.More than that, it is like a vase, preserving the purest essence of the author’s vital wisdom.◎ Mu Xin said, “Whenever I fall in love with a book, I can’t tell whether I understand it or it understands me.Does the dream jiangnan article/Korean snow swirling leaf of sprinkling feeling soft red spit fire firewood fire a few snowflakes fall stove silk light smoke oven before reading like classmates young what all through the snow all over the sky snow – may find together the wind volume were whitehead snowflakes form each other heart warming even if the road far away suddenly burnished white plum blossom little impressions of fluidity alley roof what seems in dreamland written in February 4, 2022 at one in the worldVery lovely person, this person is looking at this article, really envy these words, thousands of mountains and rivers, I see you.Forward some candy ❤ more original poem: someone around forever couple lie Was snow to sit alone No lovesickness ravishing Bald gone wrong in this lifetime activities in two experiencing, years leisurely, wish all my best, and return the unknown, declined to comment, compliment can blurt out, smear it mouth under the mercy which sentences have you ever been in an instant stamp?Every winter period, is blooming the author original poetry | | Hlove wangya hui/golden lily/people-oriented, he built qing/wood/Korean (in this paper, in addition to the poetry have quoted sentence sentence is from the signature and the unnamed source invasion delete Thank you for being good) view | shine till the rain reading (a poem is original handwritten) (most grateful) in this paper, as the original,Thanks for reading. 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