Liao basket in the past to participate in the Spring Festival gala after all failed to win, this year yinhu Spring Festival gala they choose to prepare!

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Graph:Sexy cute generation gura K web celebrity northeast occupied half of China’s short video platform, in recent years popular network has 19 million schoolmate zhang fan, grabbed 35 million fans Tian Laolao, explosive fire on more than 1300 fans recently there was something wrong with “hundreds of Joe,” and the old web celebrity to TV media xue-qin li and trill first-generation web celebrity dance “generation” gura K……I believe you are familiar with these names. Why are there so many Internet celebrities from northeast China?Some people joke that “Northeast Nagada, heavy industry is barbecuing, light industry is Shouting wheat”. In fact, northeast people are born with straightforward personality, good at expression and humorous dialect, which is an important reason why they can win the national love.Northeast people’s humor is the first in the world, liao Basket players are no exception.Figure: liao basket match in two elder brother actually……Guo Allen, Zhao Jiwei which is not “famous” jokes hand, two people often active in the major network platform, even head coach Yang Ming also because of the appearance level outstanding and out of the circle.If their performance on the network is just a personal training outside the life “seasoning”, then, to participate in the Spring Festival Gala, is the peak of their crossover!Liaoning Men’s basketball team is a regular participant in the Liaoning Spring Festival Gala. In recent years, Liaoning men’s basketball team has rarely missed this program, which is famous in China and outstanding in various local Spring Festival gala.(On January 30, 2022, Liaoning TV won the first place in the local TV Spring Festival Gala.)Ratings ranking 2014-15, the liaoning men’s basketball team is a leap in the history of the team, they are at the start of the season to complete a wave of mighty 17 in a row, and then before the lunar New Year, for the first time in history, has obtained the champion of the regular season, when the liao basket is considered to be able to beat the title of big marbury and Beijing hot,Because during the regular season Liaoning completed a double kill against Beijing!The Liao Basketball team was very popular among the fans at that time, so in 2015 Spring Festival Gala, the program team of Liao TV Spring Festival Gala specially invited liao Basketball team members to participate in the party, which was the first “close contact” between Liao Basketball team and Spring Festival Gala, and also the largest number of liao Basketball team members to participate in Spring Festival Gala in the history of Liao Basketball team. Meanwhile, in that year,Liaoning Basketball is the only CBA team invited by the local TV station to participate in the Spring Festival Gala!Photo: In 2015, liaoning basketball team participated in the Spring Festival Gala, but unfortunately, not long after that year’s Spring Festival Gala, Liaoning was swept by Beijing 4-1 “gentleman”, regretful for the fifth time in history, second place.In the second year, namely 2015-16, liaoning has achieved good results of the second, the regular season liaoning TV gala captain you specially invited Mr., and come with him and flag of liao foot ZhaoJunZhe characters, even though a slightly formal Mr. In the party and not too many words, but with outstanding appearance level or gain the attention of many fans.The audience excitedly said, “For Yang Ming also want to watch liaoshi Spring Festival Gala several times.”There were reportedly more fans in the backcourt looking for his autographs than there were entertainers.Figure: at that time Yang Ming’s handsome with a point puerility result, in the grand final after Spring Festival Gala happened that stir the whole country’s matter, we should all know, sichuan liao grand final in a 2-1, Liaoning players and their families and sichuan fans conflict, Guo Ailun, he Tianju were injured in this conflict.It is not certain that the conflict affected liaoning’s performance, but the result is that the sichuan men’s basketball team, which ranked second from last in the league last year, defeated Liaoning in the finals to win the championship.Figure: Sichuan liao conflict in liaoning many injured liao basket also unfortunately for the second consecutive year to fold halberd final!At that time, extreme fans mouth to liao Basket “millennium second” ridicule has begun to prevail…In 2017, the Liaoning TV Spring Festival Gala should be the most classic one among the parties liao Basketball team participated in. The twin modeling of song Xiaobao, a famous comedian from Northeast China, and Hudson, the core of Liao Basketball team at that time, in suits and red hats left a deep impression on the national audience. The sketch “Grilled Skewers” co-performed by them became the classic funny moment in that year’s Spring Festival Gala.Graph: Song Xiaobao black spots on the same graph: Song Xiaobao and Hudson, pan Yangtze river and Han Dejun later left liao basket in Hudson for two years later, in shandong is the last of the liao in the Spring Festival gala, Hudson was invited again with Song Xiaobao “fit” to participate in the program, this time, the audience in the smile, seemed to contain a sad memories.2016-17, liaoning after the failure of the finals for the second year in a row and Hudson to join the “success” of the target to lock a championship, but unfortunately xiao-xu li and royal day for two key players successively because of Achilles tendon rupture and knee patellar fracture and was forced to declare both for the season, then the regular season won fifth place only.But not long after the Spring Festival Gala in the playoffs, Liaoning also regret to stop the second round, a dark horse to Liaoning 4-1 complete a sweep, the dark horse is Xinjiang men’s basketball, and that year’s champion is also them!Graph: xinjiang liao war on Spring Festival gala in a row, a title in a row, liaoning has begun to change the direction of public opinion, 2018, liao basket choose refused to Spring Festival gala, that year, Hudson finally help liaoning province to realize the title dream, this is history only a championship team, liao basket never lack of talents and strengths, received low-key point, champion came.In 2019, 2020 and 2021 Spring Festival Gala, Liaoning Basketball team did not miss the Spring Festival Gala, and in recent years, liaoning Basketball team always missed the championship on the COURT of the CBA, they lost to Guangdong Hongyuan in the past two seasons, the Spring Festival Gala seems to really become the “magic spell” of Liaoning Basketball team.In 2022, after appearing in the Liaoning Basketball Spring Festival Gala for many years in a row, although the Liaoning Basketball team has a 25-3 record at the top of the standings this season, and is likely to win the regular season championship, but it is the Yinhu Spring Festival Gala, this time they chose to low-key!Liao LAN did appear in the 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival Gala, but it was just a few posters. In the sketch “Imagination And Imagination”, Yu Yang has a line: “Dare not accept what the rich give, but take what the big prince gives.”He said, holding posters of Fu Hao, Zhang Zhenlin and Zhao Jiwei from liao Basket.And by Song Xiaobao and Yang Shulin co-performed “come, old sister” in the sketch, Yang Shulin opening said he called “Yang Name”, not liao basket coach that Yang Ming, but also joked that “I am not long than he handsome?”Then when Song Xiaobao came out, he said his name was Allen, is the boiler song Allen.After Song Xiaobao also said to Yang Mingtuan into a ball, throw the boiler inside.Photo: “Imagination Imagination” of 2022 Liaoshi Spring Festival GalaLiao 2022 depending on the Spring Festival gala “come, old e mail” have to say, this year, liao basket again arrived at the historic moment, have joined the team and in moran’s, liao basket team nearly perfect, they have already finished the regular season to defending champion guangdong men’s double, data from various aspects, liaoning great probability champion again this year.However, liao Basket fans and liao basket players have long been accustomed to any victory in the regular season, also used to too much touted, only the championship, to let this team has experienced too much bitterness and bitterness and this group of fans in the abyss of public opinion are exulting, blow party!So, Spring Festival Gala, goodbye, final, liao Basket ready!-END-