Wait and see!The yueqing native will take part in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympics

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Just after the Beijing Winter Olympics came to an end, the national audience turned their attention to the Beijing Winter Paralympics.The competition will open on March 4. Zhu Haoqi, from Changqi community in Liushi, and his wife Wang Sihan will perform at the opening ceremony on behalf of the Zhejiang Disabled Art Troupe.They will also perform at the closing ceremony on March 13.Their graceful dance moves will be available to viewers across the country on the CCTV channel.Recently, Zhu Haoqi and his wife have been rehearsing nervously, in their break, the reporter through wechat, interviewed them and dance story.Zhu Haoqi, 30, is a dancer with the Zhejiang Provincial Disabled Art Troupe and a laser cutter for an electrical appliance company in Nanjing.At the age of one, chu’s world became silent after a fever that lasted for days.His parents took him to Beijing, Changchun, Nanjing and other places for treatment, but no effect.Chu spent most of his childhood sitting at home alone, with no playmates and refusing to wear hearing AIDS to learn pronunciation from his mother.He hated the boring life and was confused about the future.”I don’t blame my parents. I sympathize with their youth and powerlessness.I have an impulse inside me, I want to vent, often a person without a reason to dance.”‘I wanted to read,’ Mr. Chu said. ‘I wanted friends who could talk to me and understand what I was thinking.’Until the age of 9, Chu entered yueqing Special education school.”Seeing so many teachers and classmates, I realized that this is my home and my heaven.I want to thank Wu Kequan, Zhao Shuqing and Zeng Li for their meticulous care and care.””In particular, She was my first teacher of dance,” Chu said. “She brought me into the dance studio, into the art world with all my energy, and made me feel useful and meaningful.”Under her guidance and training, Chu gradually mastered the basic skills of dance and successfully performed her performances of “10 Minutes between Classes” and “Mountain Boy”, which gave chu great confidence and encouragement.”When we rehearsed ‘Shan Wa Zai’, Mr. Zeng trusted me so much that he let me be the captain of 21 boys and chose me as the leading role of the simple and honest cowherd boy.It is the outstanding performance of this program that I was honored to be selected by Chen Xiaoqiong, the head of the Zhejiang Disabled Art Troupe, on the broad art stage.Chu recalls.In September 2010, Zhu haoqi entered Zhejiang Huaqiang Special Vocational College to study in secondary school. His head teacher Zhang Shasha supported his dance creation and performance very much.”Teacher Zhang is very supportive of my development and further study in the dance major. She pays close attention to my performances and competitions, constantly praising and encouraging me on wechat.It is with her such a good teacher, I am more strict with myself, and strive to go further on the road of dance art, try to dig their perception and physical expression, every movement beautiful, perfect, live up to their expectations.”Chu haoqi said.Zhu haoqi joined the Zhejiang Disabled Art Troupe in 2009 and has performed in various provinces and cities with the troupe. He has also performed abroad many times.The high-level performance not only opened his eyes, but also improved his dancing skills and won numerous awards.”What I will never forget is that in the final of the Group Dance Group of the 7th National TV Dance Competition, we 24 hearing-impaired boys performed” The Tide on the Qianjiang River “, which conquered the judges and the audience, won warm applause for several times, and won the silver award of the Group work Award and the Silver Award of the Director Award.This is the only disabled performance in the competition.”Chu haoqi said.”Hearing-impaired dancers cannot know the rhythm and mood of music. They have to be made to feel the rhythm by the instructor’s hand tapping. They have to pay more sweat and tears than ordinary people to perform every movement and dance perfectly.”Chen Xiaoqiong said.In 2012, Chu went to Los Angeles to perform with the group, and soon he met wang Sihan, a dancer who joined the group.Wang Sihan, a native of Jiangshan, Quzhou, is three years younger than Zhu.They knew each other, fell in love, and eventually married.In 2018, she gave birth to a healthy and lovely daughter.Zhu haoqi works in an electrical appliance company in Nanjing and rehearses with the Zhejiang Disabled People’s Art Troupe when it has important performances.”Haoqi is 30 years old this year.But regimental leaders say the new man has not yet arrived and he is still an indispensable part of the team.He spends about three months of the year in the regiment and last year took part in a series of performances to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. He was C in every performance.”Chu’s father, Chu Lui Kin, said his family gave him unconditional support for his dance career.Wang sihan is also the backbone of the Zhejiang Disabled Art Troupe.Last year, she participated in the 10th National Disabled People’s Art Performance in 2021 and won the first prize for her dances “Tree Talk” and “Awakening”, and the second prize for her dance “Xishi Biyue”.In addition, Wang Sihan is also a badminton expert, and won the sixth place in the badminton singles in the 9th National Paralympic Games in 2015.As the Beijing Winter Paralympics draws closer, the couple’s rehearsals are getting busier and busier, often stretching into the early hours of the morning.”We rehearsed at the Bird’s Nest yesterday and waited in line from 4 PM to 2 am.We signed a promise not to divulge any information related to the performance until the end of the performance.But I can guarantee it will be a fantastic show!””I feel excited and nervous at the same time,” chu said. “THANKS to dance, I have experienced a different life.”