Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house for a party

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Yesterday, I went to a party at a friend’s house. A mother of a child made me feel deeply. We often feel that our children are naughty, disobedient, unruly and do not like to eat, but few people reflect on whether the problem lies in themselves.It’s a family reunion. It’s my friend’s treat. She moved into a new house.It is the second time for me to meet the other family. My friend and I both have one boy’s family, while the other family has two. She is a neighbor of my friend.Friends neighbor’s little boy Duo Duo long tiger head, thick eyebrows big eyes, especially lovely, a meeting, sweetly called us uncle aunt, I especially like him.Duo Duo is 5 years old, 9 years younger than my sister. Several of us girls are helping cook, while men are chatting on the sofa. Three older children are playing table tennis.The meal is good, we set the table, I found that the child is particularly good concentration, has been a person to read a book, the middle to find a mother to drink water, a toilet, the whole process did not interfere with us.Since my friend’s house had two floors, the kitchen was downstairs, and we ate on the top floor, where dishes were served one by one. Duo Duo was called early and placed on the same seat.I happened to be next to him and I heard him say to his sister, “Sister, I’m hungry.”His sister was busy chatting and didn’t hear him. I heard him and said to him, “What do you like on the table now? You can eat first.”Look at me more: “Mom said, adults can’t eat without moving chopsticks.”I say: “you are little friend, have no relation of, you can exception.”Dodo shook his head.At that time Duo Duo’s mother came, I said to her: “Your family duo Duo is hungry, give him some food first?”Duoduo’s mother said, “My aunt is busy, so we can’t eat first, nor can our children. Let’s wait a little longer!”I advised a few words, duoduo’s mother is very firm, I had to give up.In fact, at this time I was very feeling, usually participate in a lot of dinner, let hungry children eat first, seems to be very common, but the mother so persistent, the child is also very restrained, really rare.After a while, the meal began. I noticed that Duo Duo was eating with chopsticks all by himself. His mother did not take care of him at all.He dropped the chicken on the floor while picking one up. Without a word, he climbed down from his chair and picked it up with his hands.He asked for a piece of paper and kept rubbing it under the table. I found him rubbing it for a long time. I asked him, “What’s wrong with you?”I put ketchup on my pants, and now if I don’t clean them, I’ll go back to my mother to wash my clothes.I was just blown away by how warm this baby is.After dinner, the adults drank and chatted, and the three big children gathered around the barbecue on the terrace. Duo duo played beside the car, playing vigorously and laughing. His mother said, “My son has a very low point of laughter.”Rare party, we played nearly 12 o ‘clock, the whole process, many is not what to play with, but he read a book, his own toys, do not cry, polite, his parents did not preach and blame, that is, at the dinner table adhere to the principle, but the child is the most I have seen the most provoking children.We parents, often complain that children are difficult to take care of, in fact, sometimes really should reflect on their own.Is there too much involvement, too much attention, too much demand.My childhood eating picky about food, our family are all very headache, more than ten years old, don’t like to eat vegetables, every time he eat, everyone will pay attention to his parents, I think of in many a meal without a word, don’t give him food, and don’t ask what he want, from help parents walk side dishes to eat the bowl and put the kitchen, all of yourself, but instead a lot not picky about food,Eat a little of everything.I asked Duoduo’s mother, who said: “What can children do if they go hungry for a while?Aren’t grown-ups waiting the same way?But it’s polite to eat first. The host is busy, so how can the guest eat first?”In fact, think really ah, now the children we raise too precious, for fear of hungry and frozen, but develop children can not wait for the bad habit, in fact, hungry for a while, eat will be more fragrant, what impact?Unfortunately, I learned this lesson too late, but it was a productive day anyway.