Djokovic is upset!Nadal and Federer huddle together again, leaving Djojo out in the cold

2022-07-02 0 By

Tennis slay big three love story continues, although federer has entered into a state of semi retired, but his relationship with rafael nadal is more old more thick, according to foreign media revealed that is scheduled for September 23-25, 2022 laver cup received a good news, is rafael nadal and federer agree to attend, the two groups representing Europe again,Against the World League.Nadal and federer had to play the games in 2017, two groups to play doubles at the time, and take the next important victory for united Europe, the game also gives more fans around the world left a deep impression, because Roger federer and rafael nadal in the number of rare, often they are netting against opponents, but the faina definitely become teammates from rivals,No doubt it will be interesting to talk about.”There is nothing more exciting in tennis than rafael Nadal and Roger Federer,” said 11-times Grand Slam winner Bjorn Borg of Sweden, the captain of The European Team.What Nadal achieved at the Australian Open last month was a perfect example of what tennis is all about, and we are honored to have him and Federer as the sport’s representatives.Two truly great champions, an incredible combination, it will be a wonderful memory.”It is worth mentioning that although federer, rafael nadal, novak djokovic is often outside, three people are very modest, encourage each other, each other achievements, but their relationship is very clear, sa nadal and federer is pure friendship between two people in the field of personal good, often their ideas, in the Australian open, before the start of the two men also become old man look forward to the future,Talking about tennis with a walking stick.Djokovic, on the other hand, is more isolated. His relationship with Feiner is more ordinary. He is a bitter enemy on the court, and he doesn’t socialize much off the court.