Good news!Foshan Metro Line 2 is too human

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Foshan metro Line 2 extended service hours by one hour on April 5 (Qingming Festival) in order to meet the needs of passengers during holidays and to do a good job in metro operation and organization.Date line specific arrangement first and last bus time April 5th Foshan Metro Line 2 extended service time by 1 hour Nanzhuang Station last bus 0 o ‘clock the next day;The last bus of Guangzhou South Railway Station at 0:30 the next day * The service hours of Guangzhou-Foshan Metro Line, Nanhai tramcar Line 1 and Gaoming tramcar during Qingming Holiday remain unchanged.According to the notice of Foshan Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau on Suspending on-site sweeping services, funeral homes and gongde Tang and other institutions in foshan will suspend on-site sweeping services from March 23. The specific opening hours and control measures will be further notified according to the actual situation of the provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control work.Please plan your travel route reasonably during the Qingming Festival. Do not gather in crowds and try your best to travel at different peak times. At the same time, please remind us that incense and candles used for worship can be packed in small quantities and carried into the station.During the epidemic prevention and control period, when traveling on the subway, it is necessary to take good personal protection, and cooperate with station staff to carry out “three 100%” — 100% wearing masks, 100% lighting code, 100% temperature measurement, and those whose body temperature is higher than 37.3℃ and red and yellow code are forbidden to take the subway.At present, Foshan city has entered the flood season, remind passengers, pay attention to the weather forecast before travel, such as rain weather, when entering and leaving the subway station, please pay attention to the foot, pay attention to skid.Disposable raincoats are available at MTR stations. If you need them, please contact the station staff.The entrances and exits of each station of Line 2 are equipped with flood control boards and sandbags, which can effectively prevent water from flooding into the station in case of waterlogging and ensure the safety of subway operation.Edit | founded town propaganda style tourism office review | frogn, Luo Zhentang source | foshan subway, foshan television share point