In 2013, a couple in Anhui province took a train home for the Spring Festival, and the wife’s toilet disappeared into thin air, police said

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“Hey, stay away from the train or you’ll get sucked in.”When the train patrol patrol near the train, to everyone near the yellow line, remind them, this is enough to show that when the train is moving at high speed, the turbulence created by the damage is not a problem, people sucked into the track., on the train staff in order to guarantee the safety of the passengers, passengers are not casually getting on or off, get on the car out of the car will be made by staff to open the door to go out, and the high speed train is refused to open the window, in a closed environment, want to go out not to be found is impossible, if you want to leave the car, you must be with the approval of the staff,But in 2013 a woman got off the train and went undetected.It wasn’t until the train reached its terminal that the woman was found to have fled the train, but she was travelling with her husband. Why didn’t he notice when she disappeared?And why did the woman jump out of the car?What’s the catch?It goes back to the New Year of 2013.Du Changjiang is a villager in Fuyang, Anhui Province, but he and his wife often work in other places on behalf of Jing Jing, so it is difficult to go home during festivals. But this year when he and his wife were going home for the Spring Festival, his wife said to him: “I have to go to the toilet.”Du Changjiang’s face across a trace of strange, but still flash by.”Yeah, yeah, you go.”Du responded, and his wife got up and headed to the train’s bathroom. It was nearly midnight and Du felt sleepy.Half asleep, he noticed that his wife had not come back, but saw his wife’s bag was still at the door of the toilet, did not think about anything, maybe it was a stomach trouble?But he can not think of how he thought how ridiculous, in a few hours later, after all, such a closed space in the train, there is no key to the train staff it is good to be true, then this idea under the blessing of chang-jiang du drifted down heavily, but why do chang-jiang du have wife fled the idea?What the hell happened to those two?After going to the toilet for a long time, the husband got up in a daze and wanted to have a cigarette in the smoking area. When he just lit the fire, he noticed the sign of “someone” at the door of the women’s room. He looked at his wife’s bag at the door and lowered his guard again.He quietly finished enjoying a cigarette time, again came to the door of the women’s room found that the above display or “someone”, du Changjiang now could not help but worry, he knocked on the door, “are you uncomfortable, what need I place?”Du Changjiang, worried about his wife jingjing, knocked on the door and asked.But all he waited for was silence.Get close to the door and listen. There is no sound but a whoosh.Wait, why is there a whoosh on the train?There was a noise from the toilet on the train.Du Changjiang suddenly realized that something was wrong. A terrible idea flooded into Du Changjiang’s mind, but he still dared not think so, so he hurriedly called the attendant. He wanted to open the door of the ladies’ room to have a look at his wife and the source of the voice.Before the arrival of the flight attendants chang-jiang du kept banging on the bathroom door, mouth constantly was chanting the name of his wife, but did not get a response, was anxious the chang-jiang du pull attendant ran to the toilet door, when the flight attendant opened the bathroom door, was dumbfounded chang-jiang du thoroughly, one square metre of space without a trace signs of life.The wife did not know when she had left, but such a closed train, the wife can run to where?Toilet was opened inside the window, the wind kept pouring in, the wind seems to be telling Du Changjiang answers, but Du Changjiang is still not willing to believe that his wife jumped the fact that such a high-speed train once left, and how can there be hope of survival?But Du changjiang still refused to believe it.But the train will not stop because of a person, Du Changjiang had no way he first reported the police in the car, everything is waiting for their own off again, at this time received a report of the police also took action.The police understand the course of the matter, then along the train lane search, this is already after midnight, but Du Changjiang is nervous can not sleep at all.He knew how much he loved his wife. He hoped to get a good answer from the police, but soon du received a call from the police. They wanted du to come with them.At this time du Changjiang heart has been nervous to the extreme, why should the police take away their own?Did they not find Jing Jing?And if they did, why didn’t they bring Jing Jing back?Why would you let yourself go with it?Ten thousand reasons ran through Du Changjiang’s mind, but all because he realized the worst idea.”Do you think this is your wife?”The police have du Changjiang brought a piece of white cloth in front of the blood seepage from the white cloth he realized that this is a body, a body found on the train track, and his wife was missing on the train, that this body will be his wife?Trembling, Du changjiang lifted the white cloth and saw a face that was his wife.Frightened, Du Changjiang recoiled and began to realize that she had lost her wife forever.Police told Du that Jingjing died from a severe blow to the head, which caused excessive blood loss and severe head damage, and that only a bank card was found among Jingjing’s belongings.The police handed the bank card to Du Changjiang, who finally broke down in tears.Du changjiang was not going to stop. He began to complain. Why, why did the railway company allow the Windows to be opened during the train running?Why is safety on the train so poor?He is determined to take the railway company to court.He called a lawyer because his wife died because of the railroad company’s inadequate safety measures.The carriage itself was closed and could not be opened without a key. However, it did not prove that Jing Jing did not commit suicide. Although the railway company has the obligation to ensure the safety of passengers on the train, a person who wants to commit suicide cannot be stopped.But as Du Changjiang’s lawyer and Du Changjiang to communicate when vaguely felt wrong, so he asked the relationship between Du Changjiang and his wife, he hopes Du Changjiang can answer himself truthfully.Du Changjiang river to see has not been good to hide so they told the truth, in fact, Du Changjiang river especially love his wife Beijing, and the New Year is the second, the main reason is because his wife derailed, Du Changjiang was cuckolded.This thing or his brother and sister found, when Du Changjiang heard of this thing, quickly rushed home, the result was caught by Du Changjiang on the spot.At that moment Du Changjiang’s anger reached its climax.All around the neighborhood also know this thing, for a time Du Changjiang became the neighbors after dinner chat joke, his wife also know this, so she put forward and Du Changjiang divorce.But du Changjiang at this time is still deeply in love with his wife, and in his hometown two people have a pair of children, two old people are waiting for two people to support.Think of the Du Changjiang river here decisively rejected the proposal of Beijing divorce, and forcibly took Beijing back to his hometown Anhui Fuyang, but if such a thing back home, how can not cause the neighborhood neighbors laugh?Jingjing repeatedly pleads for his life.But Du shows no sign of backing down.In order to prevent Jingjing escape, Du Changjiang river with sister-in-law home together, in the daytime Jingjing want to go to the toilet are sister-in-law all the way follow.But Jingjing specially waited until two o ‘clock in the morning, the younger siblings were already asleep, jingjing put his bag on the door, a time to dispel Du Changjiang’s doubts.But why did Jing Jing commit suicide?How did she get in through a window that small?To prove that a toilet window is too small for a man of Jing jing’s size to jump, the railway company hired a similar-sized worker to conduct an experiment.How can a person jump from a rectangular window that is only 12.5cm in size?But the result of the test surprised everyone. With the staff’s vigorous twisting, he actually detached his upper body from the window. At this time, the lawyer put forward a fatal factor.When the train is moving at a high speed, it will generate huge air currents inside and outside the train, and such air currents will not have any problem in pulling a person out of the train. Soon after this idea was put forward, they carried out the experiment again and put a rectangular cabinet weighing 100 kg into the train.At the height of the train’s speed, the cabinet actually stuck to the window, which is enough to absorb a woman.The railway company was obviously surprised by the result, which shows that the railway company has an unavoidable responsibility to compensate Jing Jing for her death, but the railway company’s lawyer insisted that “Jingjing committed suicide and people who commit suicide cannot be stopped.”In the end, the court also ruled that the railway company had no reason to compensate a person who had committed suicide, and the Windows and everything were locked. It was Jing Jing’s own idea that led to such a result.What do you think Jingjing was thinking in his last moments?Her husband?Are they parents who are waiting at home for their own New Year?Or your lover out there?Maybe she just wanted to get away from the place, but he didn’t expect to get his own death as a result.But if Jing Jing obeys the loyalty to love, the responsibility to the family, and lives a good life with her husband, maybe this will not be the end.