Who runs Hunan TV?

2022-07-02 0 By

Recently surprised to see Gao Yuanyuan comeback TV series, partner Zhang Luyi, Wang Yaoqing star perfect partner.It’s a good show.However, it is a pity that it was put on hunan SATELLITE TV broadcast!1, a star of the normal TV series, each episode length how also want 40 minutes!The perfect partner was fine for the first 30 episodes, but after 30 episodes, it gradually got out of tune.Even more egregious was the appearance of a 20 minute episode!2, Tencent video after drama calendar, clearly shows that the play 43 episodes.The finale was scheduled for last night (February 3).But last night, it was 46 episodes!Three more days!(Cancelled on February 4th, updated 1 episode on February 5th, updated the final episode on February 6th) Originally 43 episodes on the night of February 3rd, became 46 episodes. Remember that the radio and television have issued requirements and stipulated the length of the TV series?Isn’t there anyone in charge of Hunan TV?