Liquor semiconductor military success bottom fishing!Medical sector tomorrow or rise!The risk has passed

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Hello, everyone!I am small mu investment, low absorption rich three generations, chasing high destroyed life!See more and act less!Every day 2:30 personal strategy share, welcome to pay attention to me!It’s time for our rematch, I may be a little slow to update, but I’m also deep to rematch!Liquor, semiconductor, rebound as scheduled, military, computer bottom-fishing success again!Medical plate rebound strength is not big, but more or less to rebound, I do not need to schedule these two words!Every day to see my review of the students should know, speaking of today’s mood, but I did not expect that the white wine action will be so big!Say accident is not unexpected, because of this position, we go to stick to it!I’ve been waiting a long time for this day!All right, without further ado, let’s get down to business!One, liquor, food and beverage, big consumption we still say with our weight, liquor plate as an example!Today the certificate liquor rose 4.68, the yield rate that holds at present is still deficient a bit, nevertheless the problem is not big, with how long, can become red!Today is a state of contraction, but the rise is very big, that there is no much loose chips here, the front wash dish wash very clean, can not use more or less, directly go a swallowed K line, although the contraction but meet the benchmark, and recover the 5 average!KDJ indicator out cash fork!Clear point of view: short – term out of a clear stop falling form!But is it time to make a big entrance?Midline, we also have to see a certain risk, 10 days, 20 moving average is still down, 20 moving average still plays a role in repression!So here first look at the horizontal, when to stand on the 20 average when the real stability!Second, semiconductor, chip semiconductor rose 0.96% today, shrinkage rose, out of a bottom pull up trend!Did not go to continue to record lows today!KDJ index has a gold fork!It’s all expected!But today is not a stop sign!5 days, 10 days, 20 days average all down, empty square arrangement trend!Today, even the 5 average line did not go to encounter, or we said yesterday, a fall of the rebound!Let’s wait two more days for it to go!So short – term or need not worry to copy bottom!We wait for it to walk and see again, beware of the market of a day trip!Oversold rebound continues to compare the poor, and so on two days, to see it is to bottom, or just reverse pumping!Three, how do you feel about the military industry plate today, up 2.75%.Accurate bottom fishing, today volume up, volume price normal, plate first is normal, healthy!The bottom of KDJ appears passivation, is also a gold fork given as scheduled!MACD indicator green living gradually shortened, is a good performance!Today as scheduled out of a stop falling form, morning star, successfully recovered the 5 moving average!The support is the support!We look at the weekly level of the trend, many times explicitly said the support of the 60-week average, now also successfully closed, but we talked about this last year!The words!KDJ index is also to a very low position, the support effect of this position is relatively strong, it is not easy, to win!(Above the figure, I was cast uninterrupted, and then add manual operation!Can see my operation strategy to know, old friends should know!Although today’s medical care is not very good, but it is also a rebound, double needle bottom!These two days are volume, down in front of the gradual shrinkage, leaving a firm chip, these two days, continue to bottom wash dish, and then bottom pull up!Tomorrow focus on observation, can go to eat the gap above, recover the 5 average, recover the words, but also to a stage of the low, to build the bottom again!But my point of view is also more clear: I am optimistic, rebound to see 3-5 days, gem refers to this position appeared to bottom pull up, KJD index gold fork!After the rebound we will see the situation, step by step to see!After all, in the long term, there is no stop falling, in the end is not the bottom really do not know!Chinese medicine, today again to a rebound, accurate bottom – fishing!This position for two days in a row, to rebound, today out of a big Yang line!Increase greatly, this is effective Yang line, the follow-up can see high a line, pressure, arrived I will speak, speak now, someone will language attack me, say: now rise so good, you say not line, what of!We’ll talk about it when we get there!Short term is also stopped falling, there is no layout of friends, do not be sad, such as back to step on the opportunity!Look for an opportunity when the time comes, go up with respect to such rise V directly affirmation impossible!Need to leave a message in the comments section of other sections, leave a message today to see a 5G, communication device, I am writing!Don’t worry!# fund ## finance ## stock market analysis # original is not easy, feel useful to praise + attention.See you in the comments section if you have any questions!