Tianfu New Area territory Tianfu International Kangcheng how, territory Tianfu international Kangcheng how much money yiping

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China to the west, Chengdu to the south, Meishan to the north.In recent years, there are more and more people buying houses in Chengdu. Meishan, which is in the value depression with loose purchase restriction policies, will become the first choice for families who just need to improve the purchase of houses and people without qualifications to buy houses.Today xiaobian to introduce to you is located in Meishan Tianfu New Area of a high quality project – tianfu International Health city, the territory of Tianfu New Area tianfu International health city, the territory tianfu International health city, how much money yiping?Tianfu International Health city is located in The Tianfu New Area as high town, belongs to the Tianfu New Area as high plate, the surrounding supporting perfect quality.In terms of educational facilities, there are primary schools and middle schools within three kilometers of the project, as well as five universities in the present educational resources, escorting the children’s future.In terms of transportation support, the project also has three horizontal and four vertical traffic networks, which realize half an hour economic circle with Chengdu. It is located at the hub of two airports, and has convenient transportation.In terms of ecological support, the project is located in the gathering area of double lakes and five parks, surrounded by ten thousand mu park, with a very superior ecological environment.Along Tianfu Avenue from north to south, there are Meishan California Smart City, Lenovo Diyun Innovation Science and Technology Park, China-japan International Health Care City, Sichuan Tequ Agricultural High-tech Innovation Center, Tianfu International Health City, Chuangang City, Sichuan Tianfu Legoland Park, etc.The project has its own health management center, international hospital, red brick business district, kindergarten and other supporting facilities, which can meet the daily needs of the owners in the future.Tianfu International Health City is located at the intersection of Tianfu Avenue and National Road 213 in Tianfu New Area, covering an area of 10,000 mu with a total investment of 100 billion yuan. It introduces eight industries including science and technology, trade, sports, environmental protection, education and finance owned by Xinhua Group to promote the landing of Hong Kong industries in Sichuan.At present, The territory Tianfu International Health City is selling 39-40 square meters of apartments, the average price of 8500 yuan/square meters, water delivery.With the spillover dividend of Tianfu New Area, relying on the development of Chengdu, there has been a trend of urban integration here, and gradually become the region with the most potential for investment in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone.In the future, several “heavyweight” industrial projects will be landed, marking the formation of hundreds of billions of industrial clusters in the south of Tianfu. The appreciation space of tianfu International Kangcheng can not be underestimated.The above is about “tianfu New Area territory Tianfu International Kangcheng how, territory Tianfu international Kangcheng how much money yiping” all content.