Vegetables, surgical masks…211 anti-epidemic materials left Beijing Chaoyang Station for Shenyang this morning

2022-07-03 0 By

DJ5075, carrying 211 pieces of epidemic prevention materials, left Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station at 5:12 am and arrived at Shenyang North Railway Station at 8:05 am, helping the local fight against the epidemic.On April 2, the Beijing Railway Station received a notice from the Beijing branch of China Railway Express that 211 pieces of epidemic prevention materials, including vegetables, medical masks and nucleic acid testing kits, needed to be transported from Beijing to Shenyang by high-speed rail, according to an official in charge of Beijing Chaoyang Station.Upon receiving the notice, Beijing Chaoyang Station immediately confirmed the arrival time of epidemic prevention supplies, and contacted Shenyang North Station to determine the unloading capacity, and made a special delivery plan.Beijing Chaoyang Station opened a special green channel for the transport of epidemic prevention materials, and arranged special personnel to dock with China Railway Express. All the goods were assembled in the high-speed express warehouse of Beijing Chaoyang Station at 21:00 on April 2.China Railway Express Beijing Branch set up a handling team consisting of 10 people to handle the procedures of unloading, security check, disinfection, certificate making and other procedures quickly, and send the epidemic prevention materials safely to the warehouse for shipment, and then guided by the staff of Beijing Chaoyang Station to the platform.At 4:40 am on April 3, train DJ5075 stopped at the platform smoothly. After checking and checking the loading list, the loading and unloading personnel carried epidemic prevention materials to the train compartment in a orderly manner.The 5:12 train left Beijing Chaoyang Station and arrived at Shenyang North Railway Station at 8:05 on time, less than three hours after the journey.It is reported that DJ5075 train from Beijing Chaoyang Station will serve as a key transport carrier for epidemic prevention materials sent to northeast China in the near future. Beijing Railway Station will also keep close contact with China Railway Express Company to carry out the transportation of epidemic prevention materials and help eliminate the epidemic in China as soon as possible.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Wei Correspondent Yue Yang Sun Min editor cui Yifei