For the price of an RV, you can enjoy the passability of a MODEL B and the comfort of a Model C

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Many motorists are torn between type B and TYPE C, wanting both the passability of type B and the comfort of type C.This thought this matter ancient difficult to complete, and between B and C appeared a T small forehead salooncar, became the new dawn of many car friends, the length and width of the vehicle is similar to C, but the height of magpie is equal to B.In this way, the shape of the rear body is roughly the same as that of the C type, but the height of the body is reduced by abandoning the large forehead, so that there is no concern about height limitation.Let’s take a look at the original small forehead saloon car and conventional models and what is different.The original life home V90 small forehead saloon car is very recognizable from the appearance. The English logo of MAXUS and the chrome intake grille driving all directions show luxury.LED automatic headlights and wipers make driving easy and safe.Erlang god eye in the middle of forehead, the original factory unique HLC height limit collision warning.The length, width and height of the vehicle are 5990mm, 2420mm, 2901mm.Front and rear drive for uphill performance, four wheel disc brake, Michelin 3 rv special tires.On the right side of the body, upper sunshade, lower rear external pull hearth, through-through storage bin.Electric telescopic pedal under the middle door, with anti-collision function.Come to the cab, electronic power steering wheel, high speed steady low speed light, driving easier.10.1-inch center screen with streaming rearview mirror.The vehicle is equipped with the ADAS system, which includes ACC adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, lane keeping and automatic braking.It features a 48-volt intelligent dual-engine system with high charging efficiency and an SAIC π 2.0t diesel engine that is not only powerful and powerful, but also very quiet.The matching French Bonch gearbox, used in luxury models such as BMW Land Rover, is very smooth for acceleration.The main and deputy drivers can rotate backward, and the rear side seat to form a five-person reception area, combined with the electric lifting table in the middle, enough to meet the needs of many people.The left side of the seat is equipped with an electric lifting window, which can be opened for convenient ventilation inside.Behind the booth is a fixed toilet, the interior of the whole waterproof treatment, fixed toilet, Daewoo washing machine, roof ventilator and so on.Rear transverse bed length 2200mm, width 1200mm.When many people sleep, there is an electric lifting bed at the top of the reception area, with a length of 2000mm and a width of 1150mm.Opposite the toilet is the kitchen area, the washbasin and induction cooker above the table, the 80L vehicle refrigerator below, the range hood and air conditioning machine at the top.The vehicle is equipped with 140L clean water tank and 85L grey water tank, which can meet the daily water use.The 7.2-degree lithium battery is placed under the chassis to reduce battery radiation, and can be used in an ambient temperature of minus 30 degrees to 50 degrees above zero.Such an original T-model saloon car, not only warm in winter and cool in summer, but also without electricity, you will like it?