Real wireless headphones with good delay and low sound quality, HAKII ICE, are worth owning

2022-07-04 0 By

The rapid development of real wireless earphones in the past few years has solved a lot of users’ pain points in product experience.For example, unstable Bluetooth connection, poor anti-interference ability, left and right ear disconnection, short battery life, poor sound quality and so on.Another important point, in our view, is “delay”.In the past two years, HAKII ICE has continuously broken through the technical bottleneck in terms of low latency, greatly improving users’ gaming and entertainment experience.Among them, HAKII ICE Hakkrypton Zero true wireless headphones is a representative product.The headset uses the advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chip, which not only provides wired connectivity, but also provides lower power consumption and lower latency performance, which is an overall upgrade over Bluetooth 5.0.We know that one of the most frequent uses of real wireless headsets is mobile games. However, mobile games are very picky about Bluetooth headsets, and poor latency performance is bound to affect the game experience and player performance.HAKII ICE Hakkton Zero true wireless headset with the latest version of 5.2 chip can easily achieve audio and video games audio and picture synchronization;After the more advanced game mode is opened, the headphone terminal delay can be as low as an amazing 50ms (95ms delay in full link), which completely improves the problems of audio and picture synchronization, game lag, interference disconnection and other problems in various scenarios, and comprehensively improves the audio and video game experience.Of course, in addition to low latency, another important aspect of the video game experience is sound quality.HAKII ICE Hakkton Zero true wireless earphone is equipped with 13mm diameter high-performance moving coil unit, creating excellent low frequency quality and wide sound field. Moreover, the low frequency elasticity is solid, the knot image is clear, and the music details are more abundant.03 delay low quality good one is wireless headset – extreme aesthetic design extreme aesthetic design is also HAKII ICE ha krypton zero is a feature of the wireless headset, transparent ICE cool appearance, high through the frozen streamline textures, with light and comfortable texture small popsicles headphones in photograph reflect, look and feel relaxed and comfortable, highlights the fashion style of the movement.With ultra-low latency performance, powerful low frequency, wide sound field, and cool, stylish appearance, HAKII ICE Is undoubtedly a real wireless earphone that can’t be missed.Both players who love mobile games and fashionable men and women who chase individual fashion are worth having.