The breakthrough Volvo XC40P6

2022-07-04 0 By

Volvo’s efforts to make electric cars run smoothly in cold climates have broken new ground with the all-electric, long-range XC40.After two days and two nights frozen in -30C ice, the XC40 pure electric Long-life version runs with ease, thanks to BMS’s delicate battery management.In addition, the battery pack adopts six core technologies of fire control and temperature control, such as “low thermal insulation source barrier, automatic warning and millisecond rapid power failure”, to fully ensure the reliability and safety of the battery.Without a well-adapted BMS battery management system, electric vehicles often have a sharp reduction in range, power decline and even can not charge normally in winter.BMS can give direct feedback to automobile enterprises in the three – electric technology level.The all-electric long-life XC40 has a new drive form and power battery.Front motor layout, power 170kW, peak torque 330N·m, comprehensive power consumption is only 14.8kwh /100km, CLTC range of 529km.The new battery pack has a capacity of 69kWh, weighs only 450kg and has an energy density of 153.3Wh/kg.In terms of testing, Volvo often has incredibly innovative ideas to test new energy models to verify the performance of the power battery and the protection features of the BMS.For example, the all-electric long-life version of the XC40, frozen at minus 30 degrees Celsius for 48 hours, is part of Volvo’s effort to push the boundaries of safety.