Volkswagen id.5 sister car Skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV rolled off the production line

2022-07-04 0 By

Skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV has officially rolled off the production line. Positioned as a pure electric COUPE SUV, skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV is based on Volkswagen MEB platform and is the sister car of Volkswagen ID.5.The Skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV, which debuted at the end of January, features a smooth, curved roof with a deep concave waist line for a sporty feel.Thanks to its sliding back, the car’s trunk has a volume of 570 liters and a large panoramic sunroof.It is said to be thinner than the full roof, providing extra headroom for passengers.Interior part, the new car is equipped with 13-inch central control screen, with 5.3 inch LCD instrument and small shift mechanism and three-spoke steering wheel, full of science and technology sports.In addition, the new car has a lot of recycled materials in the interior and a panoramic glass roof.In terms of power, the Skoda ENYAQ COUPE iV comes in a regular version with a single motor (rear-drive) and a sport RS version with a dual motor (four-wheel drive).The single-motor model has a maximum power of 130 kW and 148 kW, while the RS version has a maximum power of 217 kW for the dual-motor power system.In terms of battery life, the new car offers batteries of 62kWh and 82kWh in two capacities. Thanks to the wind resistance coefficient of 0.234, the maximum WLTP range of the new car can reach 545km.