Yuanxiao welfare!These 10 real estate riddles, all guess to calculate your cattle

2022-07-04 0 By

These days, our articles are telling you a fact: in 2022, the property market got off to a bad start and the road is bound to be tortuous.But as a person, we should not be too pessimistic, and we should do something happy.So, taking advantage of today’s Lantern Festival, I gave you ten riddles.Nothing more, just to see how familiar you are with the property market over the past year, and to make fun of it.The riddle is my random thought, the difficulty is not high, mothers can understand.You can write down your answer in the comments section, and I will post it if you get it wrong.The rules of the game are very simple: after the message forward set praise, the quota of a total of five.Prizes are also festive: a PLUS shirt (top two) or a Lantern Festival red envelope (third to fifth).However, the premise is to get all the answers right, if not, the prize will be extended.Of course, the final interpretation of the right or I will not accept refutation, ha ha ~ the answer to the riddle will be announced at 11 o ‘clock tonight, are you ready?Let’s go!Have to make more than 1 shout the year-end, but has nothing to do with ordinary people (a) housing policy for 2 came out it, the landlord on ensemble (an) housing policy 3 enterprise, collective action, scared 21 places the urine (an) housing policy from 4 Chinese gourd Eva, only four steps (a national policy) 5 creditor door-to-door complaints,Big brother crazy selling selling (an estate) 6 this all things, even addicted to jj Lin (an estate) 7 its birth, let Hong Kong stars collective move (a region) some say it is guangzhou version of tongzhou (red area) a net 92021, net New Year quotation one more animal identity (a network) 10 dropped shrines,Worst real Estate of 2021