Zhang Jiahao, ‘crazy skier’ : from baker to skier, preparing for Beijing Winter Olympics alone

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Zhang Jiahao, a 26-year-old snowboarder preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics by himself, has gone viral on the Internet. Who would have thought that athletes racing on snow and ice courses could be hotel bread makers?He trained at his own expense, didn’t have enough points in competitions all over the world, and missed the Winter Olympics. From baker to champion snowboarder, what kind of inspirational life did he have in ten years?Zhang Jiahao was born in 1995. He graduated from vocational school and took over his father’s job as a trainee baker in a hotel. He had never set foot on a ski resort before he was 17.His life was completely changed by a chance skiing experience in 2012. Since then, he has been addicted to the thrill of racing on snow and his skiing skills have improved rapidly.But as his goal grew bigger and bigger, his spare time was no longer enough for Zhang jiahao, so he quit his job as a baker and began serious training.With the successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, he came up with a bold idea, with six years of time to impact the Winter Olympic Games, compared with many talented athletes, zhang Jiahao started in his teens is old, but he has a cavity of solitary courage and full of passion.Despite his self-mockery of his background, he had the best dream. Standing on the starting platform of the Beijing Winter Olympics and feeling the competition of the world’s top athletes, he gave everything for this dream.Zhang jiahao knew that he was not a professional athlete. He had no coach and no team. He competed all over the world in order to score points.If a person having an operation is grade 10 loneliness, then no one can feel the loneliness of preparing for the Olympic Games, but love has become his driving force to march forward.In the past two years, he traveled to Canada, Sweden, Chile, Switzerland and the Netherlands, where there are points in the game, where there is Zhang Jiahao’s figure, even if the epidemic abroad, he will hold one thousand hope, thousands of miles to race.Ski research institute know his story to help him publicity, Zhang Jiahao an Olympic story is more and more people, know that no one laughed at his daydream, hundreds of thousands of net friends for him to send encouragement and blessing.But ice and snow has never been an easy sport, and pursuing an Olympic dream alone is bound to be arduous. He has never been a gifted athlete, nor has he received systematic training.Without a coach, he thought about the video and broke down the movements by himself. He had no talent. He jumped 20 times while others jumped 10 times.Over the years, his hand has been broken, feet have been broken, mouth also sewn stitches, but for the dream, Zhang Jiahao teeth insist down, because too spell by friends called crazy skiing.However, zhang survived the test of injury and won one honor after another on the track. He took up the sport at the age of 17 and became one of the top skaters in China in five years.From a first-line skater to a national champion in 2019, Zhang jiahao came close to his dream, but he failed to win the Olympic Games due to his lack of points.However, when he returned to Beijing, sitting on the Olympic commentary platform, he also completed the transformation from ski crazy to commentary crazy, watching others in the athletes on the highest stage of the free gallop, Zhang Jiahao commentary calm, professional, do not degrade, do not raise, I hope all athletes can go beyond their own, complete their ideals.Su Yiming won the silver medal in snowboarding competition, which also created a miracle, and fulfilled the dream for all zhang Jiahao. With the best efforts of generations of sports people, she promoted the development of sports in a country.Now, zhang jiahao, 26, has no chance of making it to the next Winter Olympics. For him, his solo Olympic dream has been put on hold, but he has not regretted setting out.Now, Zhang Jiahao has a new goal, he will help more young people to achieve their dreams in the future, xiaobao thinks that people who have dreams and put them into action are always worthy of admiration.There is always one thing you need to stick to in your life, even if the hope is slim, but also for the dream to go all out, so as to live up to the daydream made when you were young, may you stick to, love, work hard to pursue your dream, even if it takes more than ten years.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.