3-1!Ding Junhui tiger first victory, O ‘Sullivan lost six games in a row, the state of the group bottom

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On February 1, 2022, snooker Champions League group 7 continued, the world Number two O ‘Sullivan took the lead to finish two rounds of group matches, the result of his poor form without a win, lost six games in a row to Higgins and Karen.Wilson, currently at the bottom of the group, Ding Junhui got off to a good start in the year of the tiger, defeating Martin Glasses.Gould, for all his mistakes, deserves credit for winning.Martin ever gould German masters title, ranked 20th in the world, and higher than ding junhui 10, but his grade average in recent years, just take a European masters runner-up, at that time, lost to selby, although ding junhui decline in this period of time soon, but there is a big gap between two career achievements, ding junhui was preferable comprehensive strength,Therefore, the outside fans are more optimistic.Ding junhui and Martin Gould have played each other 12 times, with Ding taking an 8-4 advantage. In group 6, they each won one match. Ding won the round robin, but lost to Martin in the semifinals.Gould, in ding junhui’s current form, and Martin.Gould played no absolute odds, last year’s world Grand Prix, the opponent had eliminated China’s zhao Xintong in the first round.Ding junhui scored only 21 points in the first frame before making an error, Martin.Gould began to play, hit a single 51 points, 65-21 first, from the game is not difficult to see, Ding Junhui or the previous problems, simple mistakes too much, long set success rate is not high, the second set Ding Junhui hit a single 52 points, Martin.Gould was also inconsistent and Ding held his ground and took the chance to level the score 61-18.The third set ding Junhui hit a single 40 points interrupted the attack, Martin.Gould did not feel, a mistake to send a gift, Ding Junhui began again, hit a single 50 points to take the lead, the fourth set ding Junhui got 16 points into the defense, Martin.Gould was careless, missed the ball, ding junhui shot 72 to seal a 3-1 victory over Martin.Gould.Judging from ding junhui’s performance in the first group match, he still needs to improve his concentration and try to avoid simple mistakes. In the case of poor accuracy of long stage, defense may be a better choice. On the first match day, Ding Junhui still has two group matches, respectively against Captain Carter and Karen.Wilson, let’s look forward to ding junhui’s performance and hope he can do better.World number two O ‘Sullivan was out of form, having lost six sets in a row, starting with a 3-0 defeat to Karen, who scored 118 for 60.Wilson, who then lost 3-0 to Higgins’ 100, was one more game away from elimination for O ‘Sullivan, who was often slow to get up, leaving him vulnerable to an early exit.