As soon as the Pakistani prime minister named the United States, there was a plot to assassinate him. The United States is shifting its strategy

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This time Pakistan chose to play hardball with the US.Pakistani security agencies have reported a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Imran Khan, RT reported On April 1.The political situation in Pakistan is so unstable that the opposition’s no-confidence motion against the prime minister in the National Assembly has been supported by 161 MPS.If the resolution is passed in a final vote on April 3, the government will be toppled and Imran will become the first prime minister in Pakistan’s history to be ousted by the National Assembly.Public opinion does not look good on Mr Imran at the moment, after all, media reports suggest that the opposition has persuaded a few centrists that it might defect in the next round.The political movement, which resembles the color revolution, is simple, but ultimately economic.During the two to three years of the pandemic, the economy of all countries has been hit to varying degrees, and Pakistan is no exception.The sudden rise in prices and devaluation of the currency laid the foundation for the color revolution.Was it not recently that gas prices in Kazakhstan turned into a nationwide riot?The opposition has seized on imran’s $1.05 billion loan to the IMF as a “sale of sovereignty”, among other things.As a matter of fact, there are more than one or two such trumped-up charges to be caught.With the opposition closing in, Mr Imran claimed at a mass rally on March 28th that he had an envelope showing that outside forces were trying to change the status quo with “money”.The letter, sent by the US through its embassy, was broadly displeased with Mr Imran’s Pro-Russian policies and demanded a distance from Turkey.The United States has also threatened Imran with action if the no-confidence motion is not passed.As for what kind of operation, I think this uncovered assassination, probably only part of it.”America – oh, not America, but a foreign country which I cannot name – is interfering in Pakistan’s internal affairs,” Imran said in a televised address.”We respect and support Pakistan’s constitutional process and laws, but the allegations are not true,” said Price.The United States, of course, would not admit it, but now there is a serious face-off between the United States and Imran.From an American strategic point of view, the toppling of the current regime in Pakistan is profound.First, Mr Imran’s Pro-Russian stance is good for the US.Now western countries are following America’s lead in imposing sanctions on Russia, but there are still many countries that are watching, or even siding with Russia, which annoys the United States.Negotiations on a nuclear deal with Iran are progressing, and the United States is counting on Iran to resume oil exports and stabilize international oil prices.So Iran cannot be moved, and the experience of the past few years has taught the White House that sanctions cannot be moved.India’s insistence on doing business with Russia, despite the west’s gaze, is based on the fact that It will be indispensable to American engagement in the Asia-Pacific region for decades to come.Russia would be most happy if the US and India were to have a war, so India should not be extrapolated.Turkey is an active facilitator of the russia-Ukraine talks, and Erdogan has been reluctant to go with the United States and Europe.The problem is that Turkey, after all, is also a NATO country, and should wear a pair of trousers at critical moments, not to touch the eyebrows at this sensitive moment.After all, only Pakistan seems to be a soft target in the eyes of the United States.Getting rid of Imran would send a warning to pro-russian and wavering countries.It is also a goal of the United States to demonstrate its hegemonic power.Second, it foreshadows geopolitics in Asia.What is happening now in Ukraine is something the United States has been planning for 20 or 30 years.American arms dealers lobbied NATO politicians and continued the eastward expansion that led to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.American politicians and arms dealers have become vested interests, but the Ukraine card has been played out.As long as Zelensky agrees to permanent neutrality and demilitarization, it can’t be used again.So they have to consider their next geopolitical trump card.Pakistan is geopolitically important because of its position in Afghanistan, east Asia’s gateway to the Middle East, and its dispute with India over Kashmir.At the time, when Biden was withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, Imran offered to set up a small CIA or U.S. military base in Pakistan, but Imran firmly rejected the proposal.Over the past few days, we’ve been focusing on the situation in Russia and Ukraine, but not on the dynamics in Pakistan.In any case, we always want our own affairs to be settled in our own house, and that is certainly the case in Pakistan.The United States has repeatedly denied what it is doing, but in fact, the whole world can see the face of American politicians.