Du Haitao shutdown nearly half a year after the appearance, accompany Shen Mengchen home New Year’s Day, two big table relatives good lively

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Recently, famous actress Shen Mengchen releases a video, recorded the state when oneself celebrate the New Year, among them, the male friend Du Haitao that stops work nearly half a year appears, force breaks two people part company hearsay.In the video shared by Shen, there is no mention of Du haitao, and it is all about his excitement to return to his hometown for the Spring Festival.It is not until the second half of the video, when they gather for a New Year’s dinner, that Du Haitao, who has not been seen for a long time, appears.Du haitao, wearing a white cotton-padded jacket and ruddy face, raised his glass to the camera.In addition, Du haitao’s parents also came here to celebrate the Spring Festival with the Shen family.Just relatives sat two big tables, the scene is very lively, look at this posture, is completely to get married rhythm, is it their good thing near?As early as January this year, Du Haitao Shen Mengchen broke the marriage rumors, and during the shutdown du Haitao did not respond.Shen Mengchen is careful everywhere, even Du Haitao’s birthday, did not publicly send blessings, used to be keen to show love of the two people, in the past half a year is very low-key, so that the netizens guess feelings change.In fact, as early as when Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen recorded the reality show, there is already the plan to get married, Shen Mengchen has repeatedly urged marriage in public, marriage is sooner or later.But in last year, “Fast Ben” suddenly stopped broadcasting, Du haitao encountered a career trough, Hunan TV stars into public opinion controversy, they did not mention marriage.Now see Du Haitao accompany Shen Mengchen home for the New Year, but also with the family, it seems that two things is a certainty.In addition, Du Haitao, who had not been in business for a long time, forwarded a dynamic message in late January, which was about the hunan TV program “Brave and Boundless We”, suspected that there were signs of resuming work.Du haitao has worked in Hunan TV for many years and has become a senior host. He also has a good position in the entertainment industry. The stopgap should be only a short rest.In addition, Du Haitao has investment in other industries, worth a lot, is already the boss level of character, to say the least, even if he is not in the entertainment industry development, the future does not need to worry about life.Of course, some netizens are still looking forward to Du haitao’s return and holding a festive wedding ceremony with Shen Mengchen to make the entertainment industry lively.