Geely Boyue: Still steady and steady

2022-07-05 0 By

As one of the domestic troika, Geely Auto has been attracting high market attention since its launch, while Geely’s Bo Yue series has been weak since its launch. It has been favored by the majority of owners with its stylish appearance and high cost performance advantages. Today, let’s take a closer look at this car!The appearance of this car fashion atmosphere, the front face of the air intake grille size wide, the net also used black painting, lines look very dynamic.On both sides of the front of the lamp and air intake grille connected, the internal lamp is full.The front face also uses a three-stage air inlet, the concave air inlet on both sides looks very three-dimensional.The lines of the body are straight and soft, and the penetrating waist line makes the body even longer.The multi-wheel hub is blackened, and the bottom of the door is also decorated with colorful panels, making the car body look more youthful.The taillight extends to the car body, and after the light, it is very eye-catching.The edge used black processing, also equipped with black decorative strips in the middle, looks very domineering and sedate.The rear spoiler was wide and had high brake lights.The taillights on both sides are wide and are linked by black decorative panels in the middle.The identification light belt at the bottom adopts the through-through design, and the double exhaust ports are very dynamic.In terms of interior decoration, the 2022 Geely Boyue X model adopts a young and fashionable interior styling design style. The changeable and complex lines in the interior decoration make the interior of the car more aesthetic and impressive, and it is still quite careful in the material selection of interior covering parts.The use of large areas of soft materials can be seen everywhere in the interior, which makes the interior quite satisfactory both from the perspective of perception and touch.The interior decoration style is also very delicate, the layout is very neat.The three-panel steering wheel has a thicker handle, and a wide air conditioning outlet is matched above the embedded LCD screen.The layout of the console is very neat, and the physical buttons are very elegant.The seats are faux leather, with strong waist rests and neck support on both sides and ergonomic back angles.The main driver is equipped with waist support adjustment, seat memory function, ride comfort is further improved.The rear row space is ample, and the floor heave height is low, the middle passengers will not be too uncomfortable to put feet.The seat padding is soft and comfortable.The 2022 Geely Boyue X is powered by a 1.8T engine, matched with a 7-shift wet dual-clutch gearbox, with a maximum engine output of 184 horsepower.As an outstanding domestic model, its overall performance is very excellent, but also greatly enhance the purchase option of consumers.Currently, geely Boyue’s selling price range is between 112,800 yuan and 142,800 yuan.Personal view: “the system of products has been relatively stable, bo the X this product though not use CMA modular architecture for manufacturing, but in many years of iterative upgrade, the stability of the products is the past, if people prepared to buy a stable family walking product, I want to bo the X you must experience.Interior: The layout of the car is very tidy, with a three-panel steering wheel and a small metal grip.There is an embedded LCD screen at the bottom of the rectangular air outlet. The physical buttons are very practical and decorated with silver plated panels around them.As a compact SUV, the Bo Yue X’s interior space is relatively affordable.There is ample storage space between the driver and passenger seats.Driving: solid chassis, fast acceleration, good linear performance, overall performance is light.