Xi ‘an Public Security opened the branch “three outstanding” to promote the in-depth development of telecommunications network fraud

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The Economic development Branch of Xi ‘an Public Security Bureau takes “three highlights” as the starting point to strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen anti-fraud force, strengthen anti-fraud propaganda, resolutely curb the situation of frequent and high incidence of telecom and network fraud crimes, protect the property safety of the people under its jurisdiction, and help improve the construction level of social governance, peace and security economic development and safety in Xi ‘an.Highlight the “three in place” to strengthen organizational leadership is the case study and judgment in place.Telecommunications networks in the face of a high incidence of fraud cases, multiple, many times by the open bureau held special meeting early-warning analysis and case analysis, to summarize the jurisdiction telecom network fraud cases “deceived people age between 30 to 40 years old, female the patsy, enterprises and workers more and more unsafe company more” both characteristics.According to the characteristics of cases, specific work has been carried out, such as case investigation, crackdown and arrest, publicity and health control.Secondly, the police linkage is in place.To form a set of forensic, anti cheat, command, big data, zheng secret publicity, the local police station to fight for the integration of the cluster, linkage matrix propaganda against fraud investigation, the special work team to focus on cases and to carry out the command, carried on the case down control, community visits, new media publicity work follow up all the way, however, emphasis, strongly promote the electrical work thorough development.Finally, the supervision check is in place.The task of cracking down on cases and propagating cases will be assigned to each police station and each police officer, and the system of “quantitative assessment of work and graded interview” will be implemented.For the responsible business teams, leaders of responsible police stations and community police officers in charge of the frequent electrical fraud cases in the jurisdiction, they should conduct interviews and supervision at different levels to help identify the root causes of the problems, carry out rectification and improvement work in response to the problems, and effectively reduce and control the occurrence of cases.Outstanding team construction perfect anti-fraud mechanism establish police station anti-fraud emergency disposal mechanism.Led by the anti-fraud center, 7 police stations were guided to set up “police station anti-fraud Squadron” to improve the anti-fraud work process and mechanism and carry out anti-fraud work professionally.Establish anti-fraud key places investigation mechanism.According to the characteristics of large number of various office companies, concentrated places and complex types, the police stations were organized to carry out the special action of “anti-fraud building investigation”.The company may be involved in fraud crime, on the one hand, in-depth investigation and evidence collection, timely attack processing;On the other hand, office property, property rights owners, improve the review of housing rental access threshold, effectively eliminate telecommunications network fraud and other illegal criminal activities breeding soil;To carry out telecom fraud risk assessment and targeted anti-fraud publicity for companies and individual businesses engaged in online business and online transactions simultaneously, to help improve anti-fraud awareness and anti-fraud ability of companies and the public.Establish anti-fraud work assessment and incentive mechanism.The telecommunications and network fraud cases of the occurrence of case reduction control, stop loss pull loss, investigation and detection, prevention and publicity work into the safety of the branch construction and business objective responsibility quantitative assessment, the implementation of the “weekly notification, monthly assessment, quarterly evaluation” reward and punishment mechanism, to help the front-line units to find work shortcomings, improve the rectification.Since this year, the opening branch cracked all kinds of telecom network fraud cases 74, beat off fraud criminal gangs 7, arrested 94 people, for the area of the masses and enterprises and institutions timely freeze stop paying, recover economic losses of more than 1.6 million yuan.Highlight anti-fraud propaganda efforts to reduce the control of the case innovation publicity carrier, anti-fraud “micro police”.The news center of the sub-bureau has carried out the online micro-police anti-fraud publicity work in depth. According to the characteristics of cases in the area, it has launched multi-form and diversified anti-fraud publicity activities such as anti-fraud Express of the sub-bureau, anti-fraud Case micro-video, and Anti-fraud Teaching by Police flowers, to guide the people in the area to improve their ability to detect and prevent fraud.Combined with the actual cases, diversified anti-fraud propaganda.Mingguang Road police station, Shangji Road police station combined with the real cases of their respective districts launched the “police station against fraud police express”, “to side cases, warning people around”, so that the people feel telecom fraud on the side, always tense guard string;At the same time, the units through hanging anti-fraud propaganda banners, strengthening the “red armband” anti-fraud propaganda team, issuing anti-fraud propaganda manual, in the main road LED screen and the district electronic propaganda bar, circular play anti-fraud propaganda micro video and other ways, to achieve multi-dimensional, full coverage of anti-fraud propaganda.Draw strength community police service, carry out targeted key propaganda.The daily Anti-fraud police situation Research and Judgment was used to determine the key cheated groups and high-incidence areas in the jurisdiction.Through “millions of police into tens of millions of” activities, continue to carry out community, community, office building, village in the city to visit propaganda, focusing on the high incidence of fraud cases in the community and vulnerable groups to visit, home for the area of the public propaganda telecom network fraud harm and preventive measures, so that anti-fraud propaganda deep in the hearts of the people.(correspondent Yang Geng) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com