Hospital has become a “timely rain” for People in Ningbo

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Cloud hospital nurses home service.(Photo by Chen Min and Xie Meijun) “If you use too much progesterone, it’s easy to harden. Try hot compress for 30 minutes every day.”In the epidemic prevention area of Ms. Zheng because of the community closed control can not go to the hospital injection, did not expect the cloud hospital nurse sent to the hospital, as she was urgent.Ms. Zheng, 27 years old, lives in the Gran County court of Yinzhou District.Preparing for pregnancy for a long time she just finished test-tube baby operation in the hospital a few days ago, currently at home to protect the stage of pregnancy.The day before yesterday, Ms. Zheng, who had planned to go to the hospital for an injection in the afternoon of the same day, was overwhelmed by the fact that the community where she lived was listed as an epidemic prevention zone.”The doctor said that every day must be fixed a dose of progesterone injection, have to be connected to play for 3 months, how can this be done?”Overwhelmed, Ms. Zheng quickly called the health department for help. After learning that she could request in-home services through the Ningbo Cloud Hospital platform, she immediately placed the order through the mobile APP.Cloud hospital staff will be related to the information transferred to wechat work group, Yinzhou two hospital head nurse Yu Yanyun took the initiative to stand out: “I go!”At 1:00 p.m., Yu Yanyun did a good job of personal protection measures, timely door for Ms. Zheng played progesterone injection.”You are just in time!”I heard that Yu Yanyun is a gynecological nurse, Ms. Zheng quickly came up with their own a pile of laboratory reports one-way her consultation, Yu Yanyun one by one to answer the patient, and carefully told the precautions during the pregnancy.And Yu Yanyun, these two days yinzhou hospital wound ostomy specialist nurse Zhang Peijie is also busy for the nearby “three areas” there are patients in need to provide door-to-door services.The night before, after finishing her work, Zhang Peijie came to the home of the 45-year-old patient, Ms. Wang, with a medical bag and protective clothing.Ms. Wang had received surgery in the hospital for a fracture of the femur, and has been recuperating at home until now. She followed the doctor’s advice to change her dressing regularly.On the same day, it was time to change the dressing again, but unexpectedly, due to the epidemic control, I could not go to the hospital.”I heard from the doctor that if the dressing is not changed in time, there is a risk of infection.”In desperation, Ms. Wang turned to the street staff for help, which found the cloud hospital.”After knowing that the community was under control, I was still in a panic for fear of delaying the dressing change.”Ms. Wang said, did not expect cloud hospital door-to-door service is so convenient, the door-to-door help of professional medical staff, not only solve their own urgent need, but also reduce the risk of cross-infection.”With this’ reassuring pill ‘, I am no longer afraid!”From Ms. Wang’s home, Zhang Peijie rushed to the next place without stopping, there is another patient waiting for her to come to remove stitches…”At times like this, we should stand up for ourselves. It’s more professional.”Zhang Peijie said that since joining the “Internet + care” team, she and her colleagues often take advantage of the rest time off work to provide various nursing services for elderly patients or patients with mobility difficulties.And with the current pandemic, that demand has clearly increased.Reporter Chen Min correspondent Xie Meijun