Oriental flower Hong Kong style lemon tea versatile “cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man”, seconds lock multiple fresh taste

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As a delicate health girl, how can there be little fruit tea in life?Compared with various bitter Chinese medicine, the benefits of fruit tea are simply not too much.First of all, fruit tea is sweet and delicious and tastes very good.Secondly, fruit tea can supplement nutrition to human body and promote human metabolism;Fruit tea can also regulate qi to eliminate distension, clear heat and relieve cough, nourish the stomach and runfei, protect the liver and promote appetite.In addition, the quantity of heat of fruit tea is less than 100 calories, the quantity of heat that compares milk tea is low do not want too much, the sister that has reducing weight demand can choose fruit tea to serve as milk tea substitute more, do not want too sweet simply!But then again, although the benefits of fruit tea a lot, but in our daily life, are generally milk tea shop to buy fruit tea, and milk tea shop fruit tea is usually a pot a pot of selling, not only can be expensive, and it is more suitable for about three two friends on taste, is a kind of suitable for slow lives fruit tea, can’t meet the needs of a single, convenient, affordable,It doesn’t fit perfectly with the pace of our young lives.As a treasure hunter, I dug a not only good and more suitable for personalized needs of the “White moonlight” fruit tea — Oriental flowers and Hong Kong style lemon tea.However, there may be some baozi who think that such fruit tea has no nutrition as the fruit drinks on the market. If you really think so, you are careless!This Oriental flower and Hong Kong style lemon tea is made of genuine high-quality fruit, using the black FD freeze-drying technology, firmly locked 95% of the fruit’s nutrition and flavor, fruit taste is super enough, you can eat chunks of flesh, a second on the head, health fruit girl is hard to love!And, this Oriental flower Hong Kong style lemon tea firmly long in my taste aesthetic point, finally can take good care of my picky taste buds!It selects ulic lemon and high quality black tea as raw materials, and restores the real pulp of real materials to produce pure hand-played lemon tea.Ulic lemon has even and full flesh with higher sugar content, full and refreshing fruit flavor, and double filling taste buds with sour taste. High-quality black tea is fragrant and fragrant, and tea soup is rich and mellow, with a sweet aftertaste. Every sip is full of flesh and rich vitamin C, which can make people fall in love in one sip, which is the taste of sweet first love!In addition, its fresh and pleasant cold is also a good hand to solve greasy, big fish and meat after drinking a cup, it is not too comfortable!In terms of drinking, Oriental herbal and Hong Kong-style lemon tea is super convenient to brew. It dissolves in water and can be brewed either hot or cold.Just 200ml of water, wait for a few seconds, and a cup of Hong Kong style lemon tea is ready, full of energy and delicious!Most enchanted, I will boast in the Oriental herbal freeze-dried hong lemon tea independent packing, this is my favorite, it is not too convenient to carry and solved the humble work of a lot of trouble, you can put it in the bag or in the drawer of the office, when need can feel free to take out a bubble water to drink, well suited to working people ever!In addition, the price of this Hong Kong-style lemon tea is super beautiful, you can win the money of a milk tea shop, easily realize the freedom of fruit tea!Most importantly, there is no need to worry about the trouble of saying that you want to drink fruit tea, which is the Gospel of social phobia!Work no progress is adrift, depressed mood be agitated, the night emo, sad, insomnia, many bad mood hit, a cup of Hong Kong style lemon tea slow action, it seems to have to belong to its unique reassuring power, the fragrance of scent can let a person slowly pulled away from the negative, and instead become quiet and peace, is a unique and comfortable after drink,I feel like I’m slowly waking up.Strong tea is too colourful, coffee is too bitter, only fruit tea is appropriate, had the company of so small a cup, can let a person feel to be cured slowly rise.What is more surprising is that, in addition to drinking alone, Oriental flower and Hong Kong style lemon tea is a versatile hand, it is just like a “man cheating and playing with women’s feelings”, and anyone can clash sparks, but it is not attractive!It can and cocktails, yakult, bubble water and other drinks are tie-in, take you experience more flavors, you never know the next chocolate is what taste, you will never know a small cup of tea will take you unlock the next second what fresh flavor, all in all, I have fell in love with the stimulation of the unknown, life always need some little incentive to increase interest.