Six thousand people’s Liberation Army besieged by 30 thousand army, helpless, a landlord to come forward: I go to retreat the enemy

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During the civil war, the Kuomintang unilaterally tore up the peace treaty and launched an attack on the soldiers of our party. However, at that time, the war strength between the Kuomintang and the Communist party was not proportional, and the Kuomintang, aided by the American army, had a large advantage in equipment and numbers.But in the face of the Kuomintang step by step, our soldiers are still not half retreated, in the war of liberation, our army performance brave, there are many troops, created a number of legends.During the War of liberation, when we fought the Kuomintang in the Central Plains, our army was not superior, and even numbered only one fifth of the Kuomintang army.With 6,000 PLA troops, it was the rural landowners who were able to break through the siege of 30,000 enemy troops without bloodshed.Who was this old man, and what had he done to make the Kuomintang troops withdraw?In 1946, the eastern Hubei independent second brigade has just successfully completed the blocking task, and their next task is to cover the withdrawal of large troops, pretending to be the second brigade of the military headquarters, in the follow-up evacuation, side fighting side withdrawal.Outnumbered, though they fought tenaciously against the kuomintang besieging forces, they were inevitably outflanked, and breaking through became more and more difficult.Temporarily rid of the enemy encirclement and suppression, the second brigade brigade commander Wu Chengzhong with troops, decided to temporarily in Anhui Yuexi County town of the brook for a rest.They lodged in the house of a squire, with whom their headquarters were temporarily set up.The landlord named Hu Zhijie, forthright, also has his own feelings for the country.They have been helping the people, and the appearance of high morale, hit the heart of the eyes like, so very open-minded people led into the house.No sooner had they settled in than scouts announced that thirty thousand Kuomintang troops were closing in on Zhi Xi.The unexpected situation appeared, brigade commander and political commissar immediately tried to discuss how to break out of the siege, but saw the enemy gradually close to the town of Zhi Xi, they can not pull the battlefield away from the area of the people, transfer difficulties do not say, but will hurt innocent people, which can be anxious bad them.And in their desperate moment, Hu Zhijie stood out, after asking about some, not only did not nervous, but laughed, said to Wu Chengzhong, claimed that he had a way to retreat.Brigade commander and commissar at that time of course do not agree, the war should not involve the people, but Hu Zhijie has been stressed that nothing, to their about the Kuomintang this army leader, but let them put a hundred hearts, he will be able to let people leave.02 to persuade the enemy hu Zhijie to brigade Commander Wu Chengzhong said that the Kuomintang led the division Fu Yi, when he was a Kuomintang officer, is his men.Although Wu Chengzhong they are not very assured, but has reached an impasse, and Hu Zhijie is very firm, can only agree.Hu Zhijie so swagger came to the kuomintang’s site, Fu Yi was his subordinates, was really Promoted by Hu Zhijie, to have today, nature is very respectful of Hu Zhijie.And hu Zhijie came to the barracks is not ambiguous, directly said the idea, hope they can evacuate, let the second brigade smoothly withdraw.Fu Yi at the beginning is very tangled, but Hu Zhijie to reason, move.Since they are Chinese and not the enemy, there is no need to fight this battle. Besides, even if a battle were waged, his troops would surely suffer heavy losses. Would Chiang Kai-shek really keep them then?This little woke up Fu Yi, in front of Hu Zhijie is the suppression of Chiang Kai-shek, to return to his hometown in Anhui, this kind of thing is common, perhaps the next is Fu Yi.Suddenly fu Yi immediately evacuated, originally he did not want to fight this battle, after all, the loss of sichuan army forces.As the Kuomintang troops left, the second brigade pulled out under cover of darkness, breaking out this time without a single soldier, without a trace of blood, saving the 6,000 soldiers of the second brigade.Although Hu Zhijie was only an ordinary country gentleman at that time, he was also a man with revolutionary consciousness. His family was wealthy and he had read books of sages, which made him more reasonable.When the Wuchang uprising broke out, he also became a soldier of the Sichuan Army.And by virtue of his own talent and attainments in the art of war, Hu Zhijie was promoted quickly in the army.The Sichuan army has a strong style and has produced many famous soldiers, but the more this kind of soldiers with character and wild, the more difficult to manage.Chiang kai-shek, eyeing the Sichuan army, began gradually to rectify it.At that time in the heyday of sichuan army generals, there are many are suppressed because of this reason.Hu Zhijie is also because of this reason, Chiang Kai-shek transferred from the post, filled with patriotic ambition, are in a person’s suspicion into the bubble.The atmosphere was difficult and he eventually chose to leave, rather than idle away his time in a position with no authority.Fu Yi was Hu Zhijie’s hand, but also witnessed how Hu Zhijie is deeply resentful.Their affection for the Sichuan army was much deeper than Chiang kai-shek’s, and they naturally did not want to make the Soldiers of the Sichuan army thankless.Under the persuasion of Hu Zhijie, Fu Yi withdrew the people, opening up a way for our army to break out of the encirclement, and this also destroyed the Ambition of the Kuomintang to encircle our party soldiers.In the course of the liberation War, Chiang Kai-shek, who was suspicious of selfishness, had already lost the hearts and minds of the people. Moreover, under his persecution, many Kuomintang generals also fled one after another.Hu Zhijie is one of them, he harbors ambition, home and country in mind.In the crisis, but also to maintain a clear mind, not disorderly, for our army’s breakthrough made great contributions.Although already not in the army, but Hu Zhijie still does not forget his original ambition.He will be our party soldiers all the way to see in the eyes, clearly know our party soldiers have been worried about the safety of the people.Our generals were more worried about dragging innocent people into a brutal war than the Nationalists who had been ordered to surround the town.Although he had broken away from the army, Hu Zhijie knew better than anyone who could build a new China.During the war, countless heroes emerged, and among them, there are some unknown stories, just like Hu Zhijie, there are not a few people who harbor a home country, they are also the epitome of the Chinese people of that era who have a cavity of enthusiasm for the country.