Unbelievable!36 cool facts that most people don’t know

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1, the door effect refers to the people in the environment changes, such as through a normal door, even the virtual door, is likely to forget something the phenomenon of 2, a study prove that voice will affect the taste of food, the high frequency sound can make the sweetness of food, and low frequency sound that the bitter taste of food 3, there is a deep sea “fireworks” jellyfish,They have a bright purple tentacles, light blue, orange body appearance, very amazing, like fireworks 4, the girl will hair loss, and like boys hair loss less, they belong to the land bald 5, published in the American journal of epidemiology, according to a study by the faster the man’s beard is long, the metabolic function, the better,Sexual needs are more strongly after 6, pregnancy, the human body to maximize the protection of the fetus, so pregnant women’s sense of smell will become more sensitive 7 is Beijing suburb, China’s largest and most populous area, covers an area larger than the Vatican, has more population than Iceland 8, a parasite called “salmon in the tail spore worm” is known in the world the first animals don’t need to breathe,Their body without mitochondrial genome 9, history and prehistoric is to distinguish the invention of the written records, is a prehistoric before written records, was 10, 1956 scientists will bee into South America, Africa some escape from the lab, they mate with local European bees, produce the terrifying hybrids:Killer bees 11. In 2012, an Italian court ruled that saying “no balls” to men was a crime and should be punished with a fine 12. Invented in 1904, the T-shirts were originally marketed to single men who could not sew or change a button 13.14. The first Chinese to appear on the cover of Time magazine in the United States was warlord Wu Peifu. 15.Degree higher than a liquor 16, according to the National Bureau of Statistics show that in 2019 the country produced 270 million tons of fruit, and watermelon accounted for more than 23% of 17, go to a bank loan, the bank will give you the mortgaged property assessment worth 70% of 18, panama’s national bird is eagle, aka American harpy eagle, is a large birds of prey, up to 1 m long,Wingspan 19, you might think that can be more than 2 m, a mobile phone with the bacteria is men’s flush button 18 times, more than a quarter of the mobile phone all bacteria was 10 times higher than the acceptable level 20, the bean curd is the full name of Chen mapo dofu, for convenience, then slowly into the bean curd 21, when the pirates when red flag is raised, mean, resolute, will be driven to;Hoist the black flag, left a life means to surrender of 22, the falklands cut mine accident has become a nature reserve, because penguins weight is not enough to trigger the landmine 23, the ancient Romans rat brain ground to a powder will be used to make toothpaste, and flavoured with charcoal and bark for 24, poison dart frog toxicity from edible wild poisonous food,Farmed poison poison dart frogs essentially no 25, the dog dog can smell the smell of the different times of the day, and through the smell judgment master out how long it will take 26, 27, a crocodile can’t stick its tongue lead will replace other substances in neural activity in the position, can cause memory loss, concentration, and so on and so forth,So often eat the food of high lead will stupid 28, the survey found that as long as have a game in England, British women from domestic violence can increase the probability of 28% 29, frequent jet lag, the brain releases stress hormones, 30, is likely to damage the memory in the Melbourne Olympics in 1956, there was a man called Barry Larkin made a fake the torch broom, empty cans,Wonderful work is smoothly fool all the people, finally pass the torch to the mayor of Sydney 31, Paraguay death as much as 70% of the adult men of war, in order to restore the population, the government formulated the “polygamy” laws, not WaiJia adult women, men must marry three wife enough, the law until 2010 to cancel more adept at 32, left ear to listen to music melody,In fact, Rebi is not a pirated Sprite. Both Rebi and Sprite are registered trademarks of Coca-Cola Company.36. A National sperm bank in The UK, which cost $96,000 to build in 2016, had to be shut down after two years with only seven donors