He used to be the most handsome male host of CCTV, but retired from the background when he was most popular, and his net worth exceeded 100 million yuan

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Remember the same Song When I was a child, my favorite program was the same song on CCTV.The same song is the best stage for our childhood exposure to music, waiting for it to be updated every week.In addition to the great songs, the host of the same song was extremely impressive.Yaning is one of the hosts, some people think he is CCTV’s most handsome a male host, his development is also very good.But why did he suddenly quit the stage when his future was so promising?Yanin started out as a director at CCTV, but later became a director of the same song and tried his hand at being a host.Yanin showed great popularity with audiences when she started as a host, but stopped appearing on the screen two years later.This is because yaning himself like to do behind-the-scenes work, he is not broadcast host professional, more suitable for behind-the-scenes staff.Yaning later into the movie channel, but also took an examination of the academy’s film major, hope that they can enter the film industry.In fact, yanin’s father, a doctor, wanted his son to follow in his footsteps.Yaning did not live up to the expectations of her family and successfully entered the Peking University Health Science Center.Later, a health program needs a medical professional appearance good host, Yaning so came to the front of the stage.Yaning got an offer without graduating, and Beijing Medical University hired him after graduation.Yanin to learn so many years of medicine, and they like the media, into the tangle of Yanin eventually choose to do the host.At first, Yanin worked as a host in Beijing TV station. Later, because of his outstanding ability and good appearance, CCTV transferred him to China Music TV as a director.This is where we can see Ya Ning on CCTV, though she only worked as a host for a few years before moving behind the scenes.Yaning completed her career planning well, planned many activities in the movie channel, and then participated in the production of many movies.However, as she grew older, Yanin’s hair turned white.Later, Yaning developed well in the FILM channel of CCTV and became a director, which was also recognized for her ability.But Yanin wanted a change of scenery and left the movie channel in 2016.Yanin left the movie channel very successful transformation, now worth more than 100 million.Nevertheless his side did not appear from beginning to end his other half, now Yaning became a single noble.However, such a gentle and successful man, maybe he just didn’t meet his favorite person, if he did, they would certainly live a happy life together.