UZI hide actor’s two trumpets have been dug out, the state of hot play RNG may play

2022-07-07 0 By

To see the Chinese New Year soon, even exciting LPL will temporarily the spring season, speaking a spade a spade, the spring of this year’s high quality really visible to the naked eye, both the strength of the knife to spell, and there were some scenes in the name of the program effect, so many brothers still feel less what,Uzi, who announced his comeback after the transfer period, has not played yet. Recently, uzi’s two new trumpets were found by OB’s people in order to avoid the actors. The game about Uzi started immediately.Familiar with an uzi brothers know that because of fame is too large for an uzi, staring at the uzi, all actors and open up an uzi for live, not an uzi a live is a special actor groups sniper uzi, originally want to rank training feel uzi manipulation of the game, but can only be actors so uzi to temporarily stop live,And in order to improve their competitive status with the super number every day rank, but people did not think of is that the actors are really large, even if uzi does not start to use the crowd tactics to block uzi, uzi did not have a way to train, but under Uzi can only open two trumpets.Surprise, even so uzi was actor groups and OB hosts to dig out, OB anchors are confirmed through the grapevine uzi bedtime and rising time, and then according to the ultra words the uzi dug over there to estimate the uzi training game time about the training time, then there is joint the people began to focus screening several uzi possible segment,The results really let OB anchor found out, and uzi hard to create two trumpets were all found out, can only say that OB anchor’s mining ability is really strong, put yourself in uzi’s shoes about this is really helpless, this can dig out there is no need to hide.It can be expected that the two ranks of Uzi will not be normal basically, and the probability will return to the previous state, which is to lose or win inexplicably all the time. Uzi cannot dominate the game completely, and what leads the game is the group of actors or the odds of the backstage.It’s worth mentioning that Uzi was really fierce before he met the actors. He didn’t lose a single game. Every game was rated very high, either MVP or second.And can see from the record, uzi I actually also is very hard to exercise urban Fiji ryukyu, only from the point of view on record in the uzi urban Fiji ryukyu and ability is not low, but just don’t know when he faced the same level of professional performance, many brothers, before return don’t also calculate, years ago last game play RNG always on the right,This is LPL specially left the focus of the war, whether flow or program effect is the most top, Uzi estimates that will play a field at least.On the other hand, league of Legends is a game that requires precision teamwork to win, just like getting on the electronic screen of the Beijing subway. So maybe Uzi is hot, but that doesn’t mean uzi can lead his team to a perfect victory.After all, how well uzi fits in with his teammates is still unknown. Do the guys think uzi will play?