Zhuzhou City Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas to promote the “cadre capacity improvement year” to go deep and solid

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Rednet moment March 23 news (correspondent 张祎蓉) Rain a foot deep spring ploughing li, sunrise three pole xiao rates late.The current spring were important period, is also carry out party activities and requirements of enhancing the ability of cadres of key nodes, agriculture and rural areas in zhuzhou city bureau adhere to the “problem orientation, goal oriented and result oriented” three direction, focus on “stable agricultural production increase, the steady increase in rural incomes, rural stability peace” three major objectives, innovation “12345” working train of thought,Play a “training + + big discussion, lecture selection” combination function, further motivate cadres clerkstarts impulsion on thought, from the ability to improve the executive force of clerkstarts, training more “one understand two love” three rural cadres, map “achieved” new rural construction blueprint, promote rural revitalization made new progress, the new strides agricultural modernization.The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs established a literacy database, closely related to the implementation of the “three high and four New” strategy requirements, formulated the “Cadre Ability Improvement Demand List” and “Cadre Professional Ability Improvement Demand Questionnaire”, carried out the cadre ability improvement demand survey, focusing on understanding and grasping cadres at all levels urgently need to improve the ability.In addition, combining the ability improvement demands proposed by cadres with those proposed by leaders, the quality structure standards of cadres in key positions and key fields are formulated in an overall plan, and ten professional quality databases in key fields and key positions are established.The Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has perfected the cadre contact enterprise system of “leadership taking the lead and overall participation”. In principle, each leading cadre above deputy department level contacts 1-2 enterprises and each department contacts 1 enterprise.Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized and established a “service team for agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, according to party members’ expertise and characteristics, combined with the theme of party day activities, regularly carry out grassroots service and guidance activities, each service team wrote at least one high-quality research article throughout the year, consolidate and expand the “I do practical things for the masses” practice results;To establish and improve the “three high and four new” seminar system, highlighting the guidance of Party construction, in principle, every party organization of the bureau system will hold a seminar every quarter, convey the spirit of learning important meetings and central, provincial and municipal instructions, exchange new ideas and create a new situation of work.Through individual interviews, collective discussions, questionnaires and other methods, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has a deep understanding of the needs of cadres and formed “three lists”, namely, the list of problems and weaknesses, the list of creating excellence, the list of competing for resources and cited items.Through the comparison of problems and shortcomings, to find loopholes and improve capacity;Focus on excellence and innovation, learn to catch up, improve quality and efficiency;Based on the capital cited, the implementation of fine, pragmatic……The “three Lists” will comprehensively improve the political, learning, professional and service capabilities of the overall cadres.Around than style image, bear work, rushed to carry, municipal bureau of agriculture and rural areas to carry out the appraisal activities, plans to hold the law enforcement files comparison, study appraisal, business expert appraisal, “I get things done for the populace” series of activities such as practice comparison, that will enable cadres to get achievement in the incentive and grow from the comparison,Further stimulate the cadres “want to do things”, improve the ability of “will do things”, test the effectiveness of “doing things”.Municipal bureau of agriculture and rural areas based on “promoting rural revitalization”, speed up agricultural modernization needs, combined with work reality, invited professor agriculture rural areas experts, leading cadres, outstanding entrepreneurs, outstanding representative of peasants, “achieved” country representative to lecture, training, discussed ways to carry out the “five lectures” activities, such as around the “fill the short, long, strong by the weak”,Adopting the mode of “organizing to provide subjects and selecting cadres according to their needs” to enhance the ability and quality of cadres and boost the construction of “five good” villages.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn