Can’t buy the current car at fair price, and have to add 3-70 thousand to lift the car?How long can Toyota sena stay proud?

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Can’t buy the current car at fair price, and have to add 3-70 thousand to lift the car?How long can Toyota sena stay proud?On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new, I wish you all a happy New Year!Tiger Tiger alive!All the best!Gac Toyota race has been widely concerned by consumers, from the beginning of the call, to the announcement of the price of the price increase storm, and now the fact of poor sales and the emergence of “discounts do not buy” forum voice……It is undeniable that Toyota Cyna is a MPV with strong property of household tools, and the guiding price of 3098 to 405,800 yuan for all 6 models is reasonable.The younger brother does not agree with its price increase, nor does he agree with the view that there is a discount and he does not buy. Near the end of the year, when 4S shops of various auto companies have various preferential policies to promote sales, the younger brother came to three GAC Toyota 4S shops in Beijing to make a survey.The results of the survey are as follows: Among the three Beijing 4S shops, one of them said that they never raised prices and had to wait in line for a car, and there was no car on hand.The other two have a different range of markup, at least 30,000 yuan can be withdrawn on the same day.Of course, I also found the situation of other markets in the major forums, for example, Guangdong is currently launching the price of Sena package, and the car will be launched in May.The package price is basically the price of picking up the car at par with the purchase tax and insurance. It can be seen that the prices of different places are different at present. The price of picking up the car at par is gradually becoming the mainstream, but the discount is not available at present.First of all, I came to the Senhua Wangjing store of GaC Toyota, where gongs and drums, firecrackers, red flags and crowds of people were everywhere. When I just entered the store, I heard the announcement of “Congratulations to a gentleman who has decided to buy highanda 1”, which made me very happy.At the far end of the exhibition hall, there is a sena test car (not the production standard) as a show car, without a test drive.A very big sena is really loved by children, they climb around in the car, playing happily, it is also the weekend, there are a lot of consumers to see the car, everyone is full of interest in it.Sales xiao Chang introduced to xiao Ge that there has never been a phenomenon of raising prices and picking up cars in his store. There is only a regular process of ordering cars at a guided price and waiting to pick up cars, which ensures openness and transparency. There are a lot of customers in line at present, and picking up cars will be around August.The main sales models in the store are arranged in order of sub-top matching, top matching and medium matching. The appearance colors are mainly black and white, among which white is optional and costs 2000 yuan, and other colors do not need additional fees.When the little brother asked the store from the beginning of January to the total number of deliveries to now, the sales manager is not convenient to disclose.As for the reasons for waiting in line, he concluded that due to the epidemic and chip problems, there were restrictions on the arrival and production of vehicles. For example, the epidemic in Tianjin a few days ago affected the number of vehicles in the store’s Tianjin general warehouse, and the delivery of vehicles was even delayed.Before he left, little elder brother saw a white race outside the top is preparing to hand in the car, and the owner, the eldest brother get to he is the first made a customer, also have no price, because the official start of the Beijing in early January delivery car, so the eldest brother is completely in accordance with the normal rhythm of parity of the car, also congratulations he xi in the car.The little brother then came to the Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Dongren Huayu Yaojiayuan store, because the investigation time was after the first snow in Beijing, so the parking lot in front of the store was still covered with snow, and the store was a little deserted.Sales xiao Li warmly received the little brother, the little brother saw the exhibition hall also has a car, this car is the top version, can be sold as a commodity car.Sales Xiao Li told little brother, come to the shop to see the car many customers, the previous car was just picked up, the shop is new, there is a test drive at the door, but after the snow did not let the test drive.”So we have an existing car. What do I need to move my existing car?Markup? “asked the younger brother.Sales xiao Li heard “markup” two words seem to be some nervous, immediately explained: “we don’t markup, but need to buy 70,000 yuan boutique package in the store, including car clothes, wood floor, film, site spray, bought boutique package now car can drive away today, but to be in the store and insurance.””In fact, it’s a markup,” replied the younger brother. “What’s the least I can do without or with a markup?””We don’t mark-up, we don’t mark-up,” sales xiao Li emphasized. “Boutique bags can be about 40,000 pieces, small clothes, or wood floors.If you don’t want to boutique, set the car in September, if you can full deposit (not refunded), can guarantee the car in June.”Little brother finally gave up and sales game “price increase” problem, I believe that you can already understand the meaning of the dialogue.In Yao Jiayuan store, the monthly order of January is about 30 units, notice that this is not the sales volume, it can be seen that the popularity of The Sa is still high, but due to the price increase, the actual number of cars handed in is very small, most consumers choose to queue up and wait for the car.In the order, the second and the top match are also the most. The store also has several high-match existing cars in stock, but the existing cars need to be sold at a higher price.”There are fewer orders for low-volume cars, so the price of boutique bags is also low,” sales Xiao Li added.Finally, xiao Ge came to gaC Toyota Beijing Aji Tongfengrui store. The huge exhibition hall was empty except for three cars of Leiling and old and new Highlander. When asked about the sales, Xiao Qiu said that all the cars on display were commercial cars and had been sold out.”When you want to bring it up?” the salesman asked with confidence.The current policy is related to the time to pick up the car. If you want to pick up the car as soon as possible, there are two black and white cars in the store with a price increase of 30,000 yuan, which is already a discount for the Spring Festival. Before, it needed a price increase of 50,000 to 60,000 yuan to pick up the car.”Of course, the price increase here is also added to consumers in the form of boutique bags. The sales show that the car must reach 30,000 yuan of boutique decoration files, and there are 20,000 and 40,000 files to choose, but 20,000 files cannot be withdrawn, and you need to wait for 1-2 months.About the sales of the decoration package, little brother wanted to take pictures by sales of small qiu to stop.”The current car to rarely, car flow quickly now, want to withdrawal car is certainly will increase, our high-quality goods package contains 30000 wood floor, the paster, seal model, chassis armor, the decoration cost about 10000 yuan, if you don’t want the adornment to be able to talk with 20000 yuan in cash, can also carry a car, but we still recommend that you buy decoration.”Sales of small qiu did not shy away from the sermon.”If you don’t want to add cash, you can order a car at a reasonable price, but you have to wait in line for many orders,” she said.The store guarantees that the car can be picked up between May and October, which is written in the contract.For example, if a large number of cars arrived after the New Year, we did not receive so many orders for adding prices to lift the car, the customers of the affordable car will also hand over the car, but early and late.The deposit of 2000 yuan can not be refunded, if you want to set today I can give you row, the full car and car time has nothing to do.”I also learned that the production cycle of Toyota Sena is 2-3 months. At present, 4S stores will most likely only choose black and white high-matching models in advance. If you want to choose special appearance and color, you can only wait for the car.The information of “special color need to increase the price” is different from what little brother knows in Senhua Wangjing store. When you check the official website, there is no obvious hint of different color prices, so the special color increase of 10,000 yuan or white optional 2000 yuan may be the behavior of 4S stores. It is suggested that consumers shop around and then decide.According to the survey of three RANDOMLY selected 4S stores in Beijing, it is not difficult to find that Sanaa still buys cars at a higher price, but the increase rate is much smaller than before, and it is no longer difficult to pick up cars even if the price is increased. Some stores have begun to have a small number of cars on hand.Of course, you can also choose cheap car, but the delivery time is not guaranteed.If you consider racing friends must be hard before buying a car, several 4S shops, comprehensive all the news, the probability of finding the right model.However, the current Sena sales people are very good at “selling anxiety”, they will tell you “wait six months for the car, increase the price of 30,000, available car limited” and other words, “FAW Toyota version of ‘Sena’ may increase the price of more”, completely want to eliminate your desire to wait for the arrival of sister car.Xiao Qiu, the salesman, directly concluded, “The price increase of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan is a normal premium price for Toyota. Even if the price increase of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan for Elfa, some people can buy it as long as they add money.Toyota has a good reputation, and we can sell Sena with a price increase of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan. Now MPV is the world, even if the domestic MPV is not preferential, sena itself is not high price, and the premium still proves its value.”So proud and confident for Toyota that since listing in December last year only 932 units, sales of embarrassment, and the little elder brother recently in Beijing games are special for canal also seen that the games are dedicated team, that is to say, in the 932 car, probably also contains a large number of vehicles for service games, the actual number will only be delivered to the consumer car less.On the other hand, after the End of the Winter Olympics, these special cars after disinfection will most likely enter the market as used cars, which may break the balance of the price increase of the new car.The advantage of the Sena is the huge space, high configuration, 2.5L dual engine smooth power and fuel saving, very easy to drive, maintenance, insurance costs are very low.However, sena’s problems are also obvious, such as the vehicle’s sound insulation performance is general, interior plastic sense is strong, the vehicle engine system performance is terrible, especially the reversing image, if you want to speed up can only hear the engine roar, the power is not as easy as the old 3.5L V6.So it’s not a “god” or “perfect” car.In the face of Toyota arrogant unreasonable price, we have many consumers have apparently rational, so that sales of open encounter cold, does not appear after explosion “sell” expectation, this and gac Toyota’s marketing policies and 4 s shops are wild speculations have to do, cause there are extreme voice said that even if it’s offer to buy.As for why Senna is still raising prices, He believes there is no final straw.The 4S shops, with their cash-for-money attitude, are still squeezing the last of Toyota’s “faith” in the brand, but the market is too crowded for the Sena at the same price.In terms of MPV, GL8 is the king of this level. The arrival of Sena has no impact on it. It has been deeply cultivated in the Chinese market for many years and has become a benchmark in the commercial and household MPV.If the budget is in place, the upgraded Mercedes V-class will also have stronger brand influence than Toyota. It has the same space as Toyota, better texture and 2.0T power to accelerate at high speed.But later maintenance, maintenance of the price will be higher.Honda Odyssey and Eric gentlemen have been updated and listed the mid last year, now in general have 4 s stores in Beijing, paint, test drive car now, although there is no discount, but not pick up the car price problem, if the talk may send MATS, sticker, such as decoration, the addition to the “high-quality goods package”, ironic.Odyssey has also changed its sales strategy. The problem of “low allocation cars cannot be raised” has been solved. Brother found that a large number of consumers have mentioned models with the minimum allocation of 235,800 yuan in the vehicle forum.Although Odyssey and Alesson are slightly lower overall, their more affordable prices are sure to influence consumers’ buying decisions.Finally, faW Toyota will soon produce the “Sena”, I understand that the new car may complete the debut this year.As gaC Toyota Sa’s sister car, the arrival of a feng version of the model is bound to be affected by GaC Sa.For consumers who do not worry about the car, a full version of the model can wait.Of course, Kia Ka Wah, Trumpchi M8 and other models can also be considered.The Spring Festival holiday is coming, we can have a good year, Sena’s arrogant price increase will not be normal, forget the original intention will only make the road ahead is full of thorns, now the market choice is so many, we should be rational car purchase.