State Grid Guiyang County Power Supply Company to deepen the safety performance of the “driver’s license” points management

2022-07-08 0 By

Massachusetts moment on February 15 – (correspondent Chen yong Hou Weilin) to allow employees to set up a strong safety consciousness, go all out to play a good “battle” for safety production of the New Year, a few days ago, its Chinese guiyang county electric power supply company organize holiday return to work and production “to start the first lesson about safety” activities, will deepen security since the “license type” integral management applications.State Grid Guiyang County Power Supply Company organized to resume work and production after the holiday “start the first lesson on safety” activity.”The company has always adhered to the strict main tone of production safety ‘combination’.”Jiang Chengyuan, the head of the company, said that in 2022, Guiyang power supply company will closely around the plan, team, personnel, site four elements, strictly implement the “four must”;We will continue to deepen the construction of safety culture, strictly train safety skills, focus on the selection and training of the “three types of people” based on problems and needs, and improve the safety skills of all staff.It is reported that the company will carry out in-depth hidden trouble investigation governance, dynamic update hidden trouble files;We will deepen the application of “driver’s license” points management for safe performance of duties, include performance of duties into the selection and appointment investigation, and link “safe work with face, money and hats”.