The establishment meeting of Shaanxi Food safety Expert Committee was held in Xi ‘an

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On the morning of April 7th, the inaugural meeting of Shaanxi Food Safety Expert Committee was held in Xi ‘an.Provincial food and drug safety office director, provincial market supervision Bureau Director Zhang Xiaoning attended the meeting and spoke, provincial public security department of environmental food medicine team deputy chief Wang Kaili, provincial agriculture and rural department two inspector Mu Zhengxiang, provincial health commission two inspector Hao Chaoying attended the meeting.The meeting was hosted by Jiang Min, deputy director of the provincial Food and drug Safety Office and deputy director of the provincial Market Supervision Bureau.Provincial food and drug safety commission some member units in charge of leadership and expert members of more than 40 people attended the founding meeting.At the meeting, the member list of Shaanxi Food Safety Expert Committee was read out, the Articles of Association of Shaanxi Food Safety Expert Committee was reviewed and approved, and the letter of appointment was issued to the member representatives. Professor Gao Jianmin of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, vice chairman of the committee, made a statement on behalf of the expert committee.Zhang Xiaoning, on behalf of the Provincial Food and Drug Safety Office and the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, warmly congratulated the establishment of the expert Committee and welcomed and thanked the selected experts.He pointed out that the establishment of the expert committee is an important measure to implement the “four strictest” requirements, is the practical need to improve the food safety governance system in Shaanxi Province, is to promote the high-quality development of the food industry in Shaanxi Province, to effectively improve the political position, fully understand the significance of the establishment of the expert committee.He stressed the importance of focusing on work, giving full play to the functions of expert committees, playing the role of “researchers” in government decision-making, “observers” in daily work, “consultants” in emergency response, and “interpreters” in science popularization and education.He called for strengthening self-improvement in terms of highlighting political guidance, enhancing service capacity and strengthening coordination, continuously promoting the healthy development of expert committees, and effectively turning their wisdom and wisdom into practical efficiency in promoting high-quality development of work.Before the meeting, the experts observed the Shaanxi Intelligent Food safety supervision platform.After the meeting, the chairman of the committee, Professor Takashi Akita of Northwest University made a special lecture “Science and technology innovation driven, The Establishment of the Whole Industry chain food safety System solutions”.Establish committee of expert of food safety, it is a great event in shaanxi province food safety management job, it is the scientific decision that provincial party committee, provincial government strengthens food safety management job below new situation.The preparatory work of Shaanxi Food Safety Expert Committee started in July 2020. The former Provincial Food safety Office drafted the preliminary draft of the Constitution of Shaanxi Food Safety Expert Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Constitution).And to each district food safety office, the former provincial food safety commission related member units, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, testing institutions and large food enterprises issued a notice on recommending members of the provincial food safety work expert Committee.By the end of 2020, 222 experts in the fields of law, economy, society, news, emergency response, quality and safety of agricultural products, food science, food safety testing, medicine, nutrition, and food safety management had been recommended by all units.Provincial food and drug safety office according to the principle of choosing the best, in accordance with the articles of association in the relevant requirements of the units recommended by the selection of experts.In July 2021, the list of candidates for the expert committee to be appointed shall be publicized on the official website of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, and then submitted to the Provincial Food and Drug Safety Commission for approval, and the members of the expert Committee shall be finally determined.The first session of the Food Safety Expert Committee has 28 members, including 1 chairman and 3 vice chairmen. Jiang Zhuangde, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, serves as the consultant of the expert Committee.The expert Committee consists of three specialized committees, namely, food safety policy decision-making consultation, food safety standards and risk monitoring, and food safety testing technology.The chairman of the special committee shall be the deputy chairman of the expert committee.The chairman, deputy chairman and members are appointed by the provincial Food and Drug Safety Commission, and the term of employment is 3 years.The secretariat of the expert Committee is located in the provincial Food and Drug Safety Office (provincial Market Supervision Bureau), responsible for the daily work of the expert committee.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: