We will provide comprehensive, high-quality and efficient public interest legal services to help the Winter Olympics

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Build a dream together, xiangshengju.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics officially opened at 8 PM on February 4.At this point, Beijing became the first “double Olympic City”, will certainly leave a thick and heavy color chapter in the Olympic ice and snow story.Under the banner of Wuhuan, the Winter Olympics public welfare legal service group also entered the competition status.This winter Olympics public interest legal service team, composed of professional lawyers who are familiar with foreign-related sports arbitration and dispute resolution and have strong English ability, has attracted much attention from all circles on how to give full play to its advantages and help the Grand Event of the Winter Olympics.At this point, the reporter interviewed a number of winter Olympics public legal service group members.The all China lawyers association, Beijing lawyer association, the winter Olympics public welfare laws interact, director of gao zicheng tells a reporter, the winter Olympics public welfare laws interact at the start of the ac form, it attaches great importance to the winter Olympics public welfare legal services work, careful study, carefully planning and comprehensive deployment, guiding the work carried out efficiently and orderly by stages.During the Winter Olympic Games, the public interest legal Service Team will provide comprehensive, high-quality and efficient public interest legal services to show the image and style of Beijing lawyers to athletes around the world, and to show the character and responsibility of Beijing lawyers to the world.On December 29, 2021, the Public Interest Legal Service Team of the Winter Olympic Games was officially established.Lawyer Xing Keke, deputy director of foreign Affairs Committee of Beijing Bar Association and managing partner of Beijing Yuanhe Law Firm, is honored to be one of them.”I am very lucky to be elected to the Public interest legal service team for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Because Xing keke knows, Beijing is abundant in the field of foreign legal services.At the same time, he is aware of the responsibility on his shoulders.By convention, the Olympics volunteered to set up a public welfare legal services team is made up of the host country, usually by the local arbitration institution or set up under the all China lawyers association, in view of the events in the process of controversial disputes has not entrusted lawyer for athletes and other persons to take part in the Olympic Games to provide legal advice, drafting legal documents, on behalf of arbitration procedure of the contestants compete in the Olympics and other legal services.Gao Zicheng introduced that the Beijing Lawyers Association and The Beijing Arbitration Commission (Beijing International Arbitration Center) set up the Public interest legal service group for the Winter Olympics in order to give full play to their professional advantages and help the Games.In fact, in order to find suitable candidates, The Beijing Lawyers Association has spent a lot of thought on the situation of lawyers in Beijing around multiple dimensions.For example, the professional lawyers who have participated in the Olympic arbitration or acting arbitration experience;Lawyers with rich practice experience in international projects, dispute resolution, sports law, etc.;Participated in the formulation or modification of sports law and laws and regulations in the field of sports, formulated relevant operational guidelines, and promoted the communication and training in the field of sports law.In the end, 23 outstanding lawyers stood out and joined the public interest legal service team of the Winter Olympic Games, which serves as an arbitration agent for athletes from all countries.In addition to Gao and Xing, 21 professional lawyers were among the lucky ones.These 21 professional lawyers have one thing in common: strong foreign language communication ability and professional quality of foreign-related law.Free public interest legal services are provided to athletes from all over the world who need public interest legal services to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, according to an introduction.Gao zicheng told reporters that the services include :(1) providing legal advice;(2) Sports dispute resolution agency services, that is, to initiate or respond to the corresponding procedures initiated by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on behalf of the parties entrusted by the parties;(3) Other legal services.The reporter learned that the Public interest legal Service team for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will provide free public interest legal services for all countries and regions participating in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which is different from the public interest team established by the Beijing Bar Association to provide regular legal services for the Winter Olympic Games.The winter Olympic Legal Service Group has set up an administrative committee, which is responsible for the overall coordination of the specific work of the group, including setting up public service mailboxes and telephone numbers, uniformly accepting consultation and case entrustment, and assigning members of the service group to provide public service legal services.The Public interest legal Service team of the Winter Olympic Games set up a 24-hour public interest legal service telephone line, and formulated reception requirements, duty schedules and record forms for members.During the Spring Festival, members of the service mission will also be on duty in rotation.After receiving phone calls or emails, I will do a good job in translation, recording and other work, and deal with it immediately.Xing keke said: “According to the unified arrangement, I was in charge of the first day of the service phone duty work, feeling very excited.”After a period of run-in work, Xing keke deeply felt that the public welfare legal Service Group has a very sound and efficient working mechanism. The management committee has overall coordination, the service group and the working group each perform their respective duties, and actively and seriously carry out the work according to the scheduled process.”I am very proud to be a member of the team of lawyers who are committed to their duties and show an international, professional and pragmatic work style,” Xing said.To carry out the training of sports arbitration rules, the workers must first sharpen their tools.In order to further improve the service ability, Beijing Bar Association organized service group and working group for 4 times of training.Gao zicheng introduction, training content mainly includes: during the Olympic Games sports arbitration, the international sports arbitration court (hereinafter referred to as CAS) operation situation, the Beijing Olympics and the delegations overall situation, the Beijing Olympic Games (bocog) legal work, CAS arbitration rules of the specific procedures and legal, past Olympics case analysis, etc.”Beijing Bar Association has organized a series of trainings for public welfare legal service groups that are very close to actual practice.”Xing keke told reporters that the training is part of the Beijing Law Association’s long-term adherence to foreign legal personnel training.On January 18, public welfare legal service teams and working groups attended a training session on arbitration of Sports during the Olympic Games organized by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC).Since January 19, all members of the public Interest legal service team have studied the Chinese and English materials of “Overview on the Operation of CAS for the Olympic Games” online, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the operation mechanism of the COURT of Arbitration for Sport and previous arbitrations.On January 24, he Shufang, director of the legal affairs department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee (BOCOG), conducted a basic training for public welfare legal service teams and working groups online, explaining the overall situation of the Beijing Winter Olympics and delegations, and the legal affairs of the BoCOG.Lu Song, professor of China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) and arbitrator of the Special Arbitral Tribunal for the Beijing Olympic Games and the Beijing Arbitration Commission, delivers a special training session on January 25.The course explains in detail the specific procedures of CAS arbitration, adaptation to legal rules, types of disputes, and the similarities and differences between CAS arbitration and commercial arbitration in view of major international sports arbitration disputes, such as qualification for participation, dual nationality, jurisdiction and on-site adjudication. It also analyzes and explains the actual cases in previous Olympic Games.In addition, the management Committee systematically sorted out the arbitration cases, applicable laws and the focus of disputes of previous Winter Olympics, and shared them with all members of the Public interest legal Service Team and working group of the Winter Olympics.Through a series of training sessions, members of the working group of the Public Interest Legal Service Team of the Winter Olympic Games had a comprehensive understanding of the overall situation of the Winter Olympic Games and quickly mastered the rules and procedures of sports arbitration, laying a solid foundation for efficient follow-up work.The Curtain of the Winter Olympic Games has been opened, and all members of the public welfare legal service team and working group have been ready to enter the state of competition.Gao zicheng said that the team will give full play to its professional advantages and provide comprehensive, high-quality and efficient public welfare legal services to help the Winter Olympics.Source: Rule of Law Daily Edited by Ye Zi Xiaoyuan Reviewed by Huang Ren