Yaowanjun: It’s all-star day again

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The rules of the skill challenge were changed again. Originally, it was all guards. After all, the smaller guys were more skillful.After several years of playing, he began to innovate and develop strange skills and craftiness, from the eastern and western teams to the combination of internal and external lines. Until now, he has changed the evil solo from 1V1 to 3V3, highlighting a flashy game.However, thousands of changes are inseparable from it, and the challenges are still the same.The first round of team shooting, the second round of team passing, the third round of team comprehensive technical competition, after three rounds of two, half of the shooting competition, the winner is the one with the least time.The list of this competition is as follows: Kun Kun group: Kun Kun, Kun Second (Sassinas), Kun fifth (Alex) Knight group: Aaron, Garland, Mobley rookie group: Barnes, Cunningham, Jdi among them, Kun Kun group is almost a brotherhood, it is said that Kun Dad gave birth to five sons, different levels.As the third old kun Kun in the NBA has long been the dominant vassal league, in contrast, kun Second and Kun fifth, one rely on connections in the Bucks to see the water fountain, the other struggle in the development league.Although the brothers work together to cut through gold, but because the level gap is too big to let people have any expectation of their championship, this is like Wang Baoqiang, Wang Likun and the old Wang next door are surnamed Wang, together can perform a good movie?Obviously not.As the short board theory says: the bucket of water is made up of many boards, and the amount of water is determined by these boards together.If one of the boards is very short, the water capacity is limited by the short board.Not necessarily kun kun is not fierce enough, but the second and fifth really have the possibility of dragging back.The Cavs, as the host team, are elite, with Allen, Cuttino mobley and Garland undoubtedly the biggest contributors to the rise of Kura this season.But Allen is a flesh shield after all, can control the movement to the tinkering is a doubt.Mobley although the maturity is not common can be in the final analysis or a seven feet big man, two big man with 1.85 meters of Garan, horizontal and vertical look have a bit of a sense of disharmony, this is not a typical left and right for male……Therefore, the most likely winner of the skill game is instead three children, long hands and feet of Barnes in the Raptor growth smooth;Josh Giddy was the old man’s new favorite in Oklahoma.Not to mention Cunningham, the hope of Detroit rests on him.What’s more, compared with the brothers and the host, the rookie group is quite reasonable. There are neither related players nor oversized inside players on the team. Therefore, it can be judged that if the three kids don’t win, who will win?Compared with skill challenge, the rules of three-point contest have been basically stable since its inception.After all, the purpose of the three-point tournament is to throw the ball in, so the only things you can change are the setup and the total score.So curry made history last year by scoring 31 points in the first round with a 40-point total.Here’s the list: McCollum, Young, Lavin, Bain, Mr. Don, Van Vleet, Kennard, and Mills McCollum, who had just moved from Portland to New Orleans to change jobs.Leaving the old post is not happy, to the new post and kneel in a row, the emotional naked eye can not be too good.Although this is already the third time to register for the competition but with the Debuff on the field, excluded;Yang Does not regret this brother two years ago to participate in the three points contest, unfortunately, no champion, this time must be very momentum, Yang does not regret is no doubt three points champion hot candidate, but not the dog eyes of the true life;Lavine’s point of view is very clear, dunk king already got, get another three point king, won’t I be Miyamoto Musashi?So the third one wants to be perfect.But the old saying there are clouds intentional flowers flowers do not open, inadvertently inserted liuLiuchengyin, too deliberately backfired, exclusion;We recommend Desmond Bayne, a sophomore who has averaged 17.9 points, 4.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.What is more valuable is that for two consecutive seasons, Bain’s three-point shooting percentage has been maintained at more than 40 percent, which can be seen in a fierce word.Quick hand is his label, steady output is his characteristic, big heart is his attribute, rookie game in the face of pants off rogue and not change color, can also worship the general.If the grizzlies continue to thrive, Bain & AMP;The Morante duo will be famous one day.Brother do well, tomorrow’s stage will be your world famous place;In fact, Kennard is also quite competitive, two consecutive seasons of long-range shooting percentage of nearly 45%, alone in the league’s first tier of long-range shooting, he will be with Yang Buji, Bain to form a championship group (bain is more likely to win).The rest, Mr. Tang, Vanvleet, and Mills, were reading with the Prince, but what’s the saying?The most important thing is to take part.The crowning achievement in the Slam Dunk contest was carter, followed by Lavine versus Gordon.After winning the sword of heaven sealed, dragon knife fight river’s lake hit nine points man, angry also choose to retire.Last year’s dunk contest was unremarkable, but last year’s winner, Anfani Simmons, has risen so quickly this season that it’s a good thing he won the title.The roster is as follows: Jaylen Green, Carmelo Anthony, Taupin, Toscano Anderson Taupin is a familiar face from last year, and also made it to the finals to meet Simmons.Don’t get me wrong, it’s not how bad Topin’s grades are, but the overall level is too bad. Last year, simmons was the only one in the class who passed, and Topin ranked second with 58 points.Can the new wine in the old bottle end well this time?The answer is probably no.Carmelo Anthony is not a physical player, but he is 5 feet 5 inches short.The unwritten rule of the Slam Dunk king is that you are either as short as a potato, or you are 1.93-2.03 centimeters tall and visually appealing to everyone.There’s not a lot to say about Toscano Anderson, this guy really has to be dynamic and talented to not get drafted.Sure, there was a great Show Time of McGee dunking this season, but that’s about it. Unless he crumpled up Dalian McGee in the dunk contest and dunked McGee again, it would be impossible to win the championship otherwise.Elimination, who is the new division of dunk king at a glance.I mean, it’s hard to believe that no. 2 won’t be crowned.After all, we have to practice the other number one, fight bounce is not empty anyone, on the field and a small grasshopper.So much for the scientific prediction of this year’s all-star game, welcome future worship.