Gas mileage is what matters, right?Are Xingrui, Lei Ling and Ling Du worth seeing?

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Gas mileage is what matters, right?Are Xingrui, Lei Ling and Ling Du worth seeing?Thank goodness, I wonder if you guys are thinking about me?Xiaobian has been waiting for you here for a long time, thank you for your advice, and I wish the respected Jiang Dong father prosperous six, money, everything wins meaning, no more gossip, the following is to talk about the compact car:As the officials know, compact car is equivalent to A class car, the length of the whole car is generally between 4.2-4.6m, not only has A high sitting position, low constant cost key highlights, but also used for travel is absolutely very good, and the recent market performance of compact car is outstanding.Therefore, it is favored by many girls. Today, I will share with you three shiny and practical compact cars from an objective and unique level. They are the summary of my colleague’s driving experience.We look forward to your generous comments.Model 1: Star Rui sales brief: Star Rui is derived from geely car family of a network of popular models, launched so far its market charm has been relatively “thief” beautiful, in addition, Star Rui transaction price is very low, so it has won more and more small brother’s affirmation.After my multi-party inquiry: the performance of the recent period of star rui again on a step.In one fell swoon, it achieved 13,100 vehicles and suddenly sat on the 16th place. The progress of Xingrui is obvious to all of you, and it has become the most praised and shining top online celebrity model in the market, which is sharper than many mainstream compact car models.Of course, there is absolutely no model without any defects on the earth, but the inner strength of Star Rui is always bang bang.The reason is probably that Xing Rui’s iron-like sales performance is visible to the market.And no matter the level of appearance or sports and other aspects are easily able to lift many high-end market mainstream compact car models.I think that if star rui can 100 feet on the head, it is estimated that the next month’s turnover performance is certainly to rely on.The appearance of Star Rui is simple and noble, the car paint looks very attractive to me, and the whole waist line is quite smooth and full, just in line with the personalized needs of many consumers.In addition, the star of the head movement appears very feel sexy style, presents a kind of language out of ambition, at the same time a kaleidoscope of waist line paint a proud rose posture, seem quite able to bear or endure look, and family led fog lamps, waist line and internal decoration must be very thick, how to see nor feel it out.Size analysis: Star rui space is very reliable, at the same time look very comfortable.The style of its internal storage space is also quite down to earth and very useful.It measures 4785mm by 1869mm by 1469mm, a space that can easily be crossed even with several small animals sitting in the back seat.Therefore, xingrui is enough for commuting on business trips.Make more car friends want to give it 1 million like.In addition, the volume of the trunk is particularly grounded, which can also fit a lot of luggage.Practicality is quite good, is undoubtedly the author’s favorite type.In addition to the beautiful appearance, strewn at random have the interior, the author jun feels star is great, because it’s the theory of power of the engine of 190 ps, and plus 7 wet dual clutch transmission, so that the both acceleration and start, are strong te, meet the travel needs of most consumers.In addition, the engine cylinder block is a major advantage of Xingrui, matching with the thermal expansion and contraction of aluminum alloy engine, so it can play an excellent wear resistance characteristics.Displacement performance, Star Rui’s displacement performance is undoubtedly very sharp, has been immersed in turbocharging technology for many years, according to media information, 2.0T Star Rui is still quite easy to use.The owner said: “I think the Star Rui, designed by Geely Auto, is better than many mainstream compact cars.The first is the star rui body shape is very reliable, looks like a naughty lovely pet.It’s beautiful.In addition, the Star Rui inside or very good, sit in a sense of accomplishment, and its control is quite good, in the mainstream models can be said to be the best.Car owner’s comment 2: The fuel consumption of Star Rui is quite considerable, probably due to the power combination of Star Rui, so it is more suitable for the commuting needs of most workers.At the present stage, I have few radical methods, and I will occasionally go abroad to visit my family. In addition, what surprises the author most is that the fuel consumption of such a large compact car is very good. The current fuel consumption value should be between 7.9 and 9.3L, so the fuel economy of The Star Rui is quite reliable.Competing compact cars may be more fuel-efficient.The most commendable thing is that all my girlfriends around me can’t help saying that Xingrui is really good, and it is called geely’s masterpiece.But if open air conditioning after I believe that fuel consumption will be slightly higher.For my college students, usually only a little savings in living expenses, about more than 10 days of oil expenses.So for now, you don’t have to worry about the gas bill when you drive it.Although mutual friction time is not very long, but it is estimated that after running in for a period of time, star Rui’s oil consumption can be less.Juyou relevance evaluation: I think the suspension “relic” hard, although can make star, won’t appear many swing state, but when enter with poor road conditions, the star of the chassis cleverly put most of the resonance to pass on to the passengers, if your age is bigger, sit inside is likely to think to P can’t stand it.In addition, there is an embarrassment, can feel more obvious tire noise in the process of moving, and when accelerating, it is obvious that the vehicle power is relatively small, to ask the customer service of the terminal store, but later do not know the specific situation.In addition, 1. When I bought it, I felt the peculiar smell of The air conditioner of Xingrui was very embarrassing.2. Bluetooth connection times out from time to time, No2 Leiling: price range: 113,800 ~ 152,800 The new Leiling is luxurious and skinny, which is very satisfactory to me.Ralink structure than in front of the whole face is imposing manner, give myself a feeling of very expensive gas, like a tiger, China open style is concise, more sharp, and ralink delicate the handle position to join some of the best absorption, the silver parts, the front two lamp that high identification headlight is located on both sides, illuminate the length and width are also have the big promotion.And Leiling car side with other tree a grid slip back design, waist line is absolutely quite grounding gas, like water general sparkling, so that the whole car looks particularly eye-catching, and Leiling car paint is relatively thin, especially temperament.It was awesome anyway.Tail into the GaC Toyota family elements, and the taillight also used a smoky style, more aggressive, generally speaking, Leiling’s overall appearance style is quite a fashion sense.Both my colleagues and my girlfriend agree that Lei Ling is undoubtedly very handsome.Li Eldest brother, a senior car owner, commented on Leiling: “Sometimes I don’t have enough money, so I will drive leiling to play outside. At present, I feel that the noise reduction effect of the new Leiling is more reliable, even though the weight of leiling is very heavy, but the control is better.The third model of Lamando is 149,900 ~ 186,900. Lamando is not conspicuous, very noble, the grille design of the front face is of high appearance level, and the overall visual feeling of Lamando has been widened a lot!In addition, the style of lamando’s headlamp at the front face position is very energetic, with low chassis and good stability.It’s pretty smooth through the swamp and the highway.The waist line like flowing water on the side of the body, and then the wheel hub of the mainstream of the luxurious compact car as an ornament, clean atmosphere, taillight is very chic, especially to the night of the dark wind is more magnificent.Lingdu detail part of the layering sense is also quite good, so that the whole car is full of intoxicating noble sense.Lamando is also considered a relatively hot – selling compact car.About the interior of Lamando: Many details of Lamando can reflect the designer’s intention.The workmanship is excellent, and the control is good, and the rotating button below and the low-key luxury button have a damping effect beyond imagination, the above is the evaluation of lamando by car friends.In addition, the leather steering wheel is not particularly heavy, the shape is very eye-catching, accurate adjustment, absolutely suitable for small transparent people to drive.In addition, the seat back of Lamando’s driving seat is carefully designed, and the internal fit is very good. The interior padding of the seat is very soft. I feel that the seat of Lamando is quite comfortable, even if I sit in the car for seven or eight “hours”, I will not feel my PP very uncomfortable.At the same time lamando’s peculiar smell is currently less.And the noise inside is almost imperceptible.Therefore, lingdu’s overall driving experience is very good.In addition, the instant explosive power is relatively strong, silky feeling is quite good, the acceleration process without drag, as long as a step on the accelerator, you can immediately overtake.And its push and back feeling is also extremely strong, noise reduction details are also very good, the whole process of speeding up the operation of the machine is almost impossible to feel the sound, comfort and other details are very good.On the other hand, there is no need to upgrade the power too much, because lamando’s power is quite outstanding, and lamando is very easy to open and calm at full capacity.Mr. Xiong, the owner of Lamando, commented: “The appearance of Lamando is extremely high-end and powerful. The headlights are very sexy, and there is no problem with brightness.In addition, Lamando’s China network adopts the structure of big mouth, and the silver chromium-plated strip is very unique, which forms a standardized design with the LED lamp group. Moreover, the dazzling LED headlights are distributed on both sides, which is very nice.In addition, Lamando’s C wheel hub is the compass leading the young trend.The size is also very harmonious, both the size and the workmanship are also very good.It looks very handsome.The side lines of Lamando are also very attractive to consumers. The decorative board surface of Lamando has the unique LOGO of SAIC Volkswagen family, which is more elegant than compact cars with similar prices.And the noise reduction effect in the mainstream competitive compact car is particularly brilliant, I enjoy the quiet environment.Lamando’s trunk is also very practical, even if you can put three or four pieces of luggage is no problem.Fuel economy and so on are also very good.All in all, the price of Lamando is quite realistic. Since I bought lamando, XIAobian often goes out for a ride.There are no other complaints.Owner lee grandpa said: I make friends widely, therefore prefer high-end atmosphere, ordinary compact car I am embarrassed to go out, but since she bought the car, every time go out to run the business feel quite a sense of accomplishment, touch the steering wheel is came up, and sense of science and technology is very costly, children always asked me ling outside crossing is what east east?I would say: Lamando is your father’s ride out.Car friends comment 3:Satisfaction, next to ling is absolutely very at ease, not only the price super good, but also very comfortable, open the small is very “means” “cars”, after years of unremitting efforts, now finally bought their own ling cross, this horse is comfortable, particularly boss confidence level, fuel consumption also readily available,Absolutely perfect for my daily travel needs.Comments from Niu Sister, the owner of Lingdu:Lamando’s control is unspeakable, and it runs like an electric car. Among the compact car models introduced this time, the manufacturer’s guide price is relatively low for Xingrui, next for Leiling, and the highest for Lamando. It is worth your special attention that the price of models in different camps may be different.For example, the lowest terminal prices of Singrui, Leiling and Lamando in China are as low as 112,700, 101,300 and 100,900, respectively.You must have found your favorite compact car.Here I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for your reading, and wish all of you a prosperous and prosperous life.If you like this article, please give it a thumbs up.Gas mileage is what matters, right?Are Xingrui, Lei Ling and Ling Du worth seeing?Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Car Xiao Wang