Loufan county “Spring Breeze action” on-site job fair 35 employment enterprises to provide more than 6,500 positions

2022-07-09 0 By

On February 17, Loufan county held the “Spring Breeze action” employment fair, attracting more than 700 job seekers to apply on the spot, a total of 210 people and employers to achieve employment intention on the spot.At the job fair site, many job seekers in the enterprise recruitment information bar carefully check, there are job seekers and recruiters face to face communication, ask enterprises to apply for requirements, benefits and so on.It is reported that this is the second job fair held in Loufan County, the first (online) job fair has been launched on February 11, inviting 20 employers, providing more than 3,000 positions.A total of 35 employment enterprises were organized to attend the on-site job fair, and more than 6,500 positions of front-line operators, computer maintenance and management were carefully selected.2022 “spring breeze action” series of employment recruitment activity is loufan county steady employment, employment is an important measure, is aimed at further for the county of poverty the workforce, college graduates and home peasant workers, veterans, difficult people, focus groups such as the transfer of rural labor force employment work, strengthen development of poverty crucial achievement, help the country revitalization strategy,Promote the county’s various undertakings of high quality development.In the next step, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the county human Resources and Social Security Bureau will continue to carry out employment recruitment through a series of employment assistance activities, and vigorously promote the transfer of urban and rural labor force employment.Reporter Wang Yong correspondent Li Yu Taiyuan Evening News