Personnel Department organized by the development zone: carried out “night school for organizing workers” to help improve ability

2022-07-09 0 By

Since 2021, the district organization personnel to “be excellent set of cadres, be a first-class organization department, brave leadership model” in the “two for one” series of theme activities, and communities in building “set of night school,” let the realization cadres learning to speak, speak in the realization, enlightenment, and in the continued ascent set of cadre’s business ability and overall quality,Constantly improve the quality of the organization’s work.At 7 o ‘clock in the evening, in the conference room of the organization department of the economic development area, the cadres of the whole area are seriously “charging”, learning the spirit of the recent central, provincial and municipal relevant documents, and recording the key points of knowledge in detail.Learned, “set of night school” is the district organization department continued to strengthen the construction of its own, exercise series high quality cadres of a learning activities throughout the year, using every Wednesday night time outside of work, take “everyone on the platform, each when teachers” a on Monday, “take turns teaching way, focusing on the new situation, new tasks and new requirements,Through self speaking, collective learning, everyone discussion, team evaluation, realize knowledge sharing, work understanding, thinking resonance, ability to raise, the group work cadres to cultivate a pen can write, speak, can do the complex talents.Yu Sha organization personnel GanBuKe staff said: “since the realization night school to carry out, we walked into the classroom, the entire set of cadres into the lecture hall, learning to speak, speak in realization, enlightenment, and continue to improve our set of cadre’s business ability and overall quality, continuously improve the level of organization work quality, promote party history learning education go real go deep, into the brain into the heart, see line of work.”(Reporter: Heng Liang, Wu Shi)