Saic Chase MAXUS sold 18,037 units in January, up nearly 45 percent year on year

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The easing of chip supply shortage and the release of automobile supply capacity have become positive factors to promote the growth of the auto market in 2022, showing a “tiger tiger vitality”.After the successful end of 2021 with a 30% year-on-year growth, SAIC Chase MAXUS made a “good start” in 2022, selling 18,037 units in January, up nearly 45% year-on-year.Among them, light passenger, pickup truck and other highlights of the vehicle market results in the forefront of the segment market, overseas markets have also achieved sales breakthroughs.At present, MAXUS has become the market leader in multiple segments, especially for pickup trucks and light buses.Holding V90, V80, V80 PLUS and other “ace light passenger”, SAIC MAXUS will continue to expand the boundary of light passenger in 2021. V90 Ink version, V90 Matt version and V90 locomotive version will be launched in three consecutive succession, bringing more possibilities for users’ Van Life through co-creation and customization by C2B users.In addition to “customizing” Van Life, Van Life can also “customize” green life for global users.MAXUS, constantly breaking through the circle, won the single brand sales champion in the wide body light passenger market in 2021, and also became the fastest growing light passenger brand in the industry.In January, THE MAXUS widebody light passenger sold another 5,273 units, up 13% year on year.MAXUS new energy wide-body light passenger EV90, EV30, EV80 and other products shine in the overseas market, EV80 was the European market the first real original light pure electric wide-body light passenger, EV30, EV90 and other models in 2021 set the largest single order record of Chinese brand light bus type in Europe,EV30 is a “hit on the market” in Norway, becoming the market share champion in Sweden and Denmark.In January, AS a challenger, MAXUS EV90 of SAIC Chase won the New Zealand EV Comercial of the Year award over competitors from Europe, The United States and Japan on the track of new energy vehicles, and became the benchmark of “China’s smart made” electric vehicles sailing to the sea.MAXUS through the “SAic-Cow” T90, T70, SAic-cow · Devil and other passenger products quickly seized the highland of pickup trucks, 2021 retail sales of pickup trucks increased 26% year on year, far large disk, become 2021 more than 100,000 yuan in the domestic high-end pickup market growth of the largest brand.In January, THE MAXUS pickup truck sold 6,595 units, up 121% year on year, continuing the trend of hot sales in 2021.Up to now, the overseas sales volume of MAXUS pickup truck has exceeded 60,000 units, and successfully entered the North American market at the end of last year.In Chile, SAIC Chase MAXUS is the top Chinese brand in pickup truck sales and ranked first in market share for three consecutive months in 2021.T90 with maximum torque of 500N·m was praised as “the most powerful Chinese pickup in the market” by Rutamotor, a well-known Chilean automotive media, when it was launched in Chile..Recently, T90 was awarded the “Third place of annual Pickup Sales” jointly by Chilean authoritative auto media Tacometro and Publimetro.Francisco Lopez, who won the light vehicle category of Dakar Rally for three consecutive times, not only chose T60 pickup truck, “the best partner of global competitive sports”, as the guarantee car of the event, but also became the first owner of T90 pickup truck in Chile.”Snatch fresh” feel this “500 cattle beast” surging driving experience.In January, THE performance of MAXUS in MPV market and SUV market was also “commendable” :MPV family, composed of mobile business customization expert G20 PLUS, “baby magic device” G50 PLUS, and national guest grade quality MPV G10, achieved 4003 units in January. Full-size luxury intelligent pure electric MPV MIFA 9 will be delivered in May this year, which will promote the MPV family sales to achieve a new round of growth.In the field of SUV, D90 Pro Amazon version, D90 Pro 2021 and other models jointly created by SAIC MAXUS and users bring users arbitrary and extraordinary driving experience with powerful product performance.Saic Chase MAXUS D60 has won the most Valuable SUV of 2021 award from Qatar’s MAQINA Digital Media Agency for the third time since its entry into the Qatar market.In the rv field, MAXUS is actively creating a new ecology of smart RV, and has formed a complete rv layout with living-home V100, living-home V90, traveling-home V90 and traveling-home G20, and its market share continues to climb.Up to now, MAXUS occupies 12% of the market share in the original rv, ranking first and second in the segment market with 20% and 10% market share respectively for wide-body light passenger B-type rv and wide-body light passenger C-type RV.At the same time, SAIC MAXUS has established 11 rv directly operated experience centers within 9 months, covering core first and second-tier cities in China, enabling more RV users to enjoy full-cycle services, and at the same time, building momentum for the continued hot sales of products.The trend of multi-segment sales has promoted sales breakthroughs in global multi-markets, ushering in the “jackpot” of the opening year of 2022.The hot sales of pickup trucks, widebody light passengers, SUVs and other models have led the Chilean market and The Australian market to enter the “30,000-car club” and “50,000-car club” respectively.The continuous sales breakthrough and the continuous supply of “macaroni” at home and abroad are the result of the strength of MAXUS products, as well as the “customization” gene of returning to the origin of user demand and constantly exploring and innovating.Under the guidance of C2B user co-creation and customization mode, SAIC Datong constantly improves the user direct connection system, and thus promotes the internal organizational transformation.In 2021, SAIC Datong established the industry’s first user direct connection platform in the enterprise park — MAXUS User Co-creation Center, and at the same time, the first domestic vehicle enterprises authorized distribution, brand direct sales, new retail direct sales marketing system.A series of measures to directly connect with users enable MAXUS to enter a fast lane of “user co-creation” on the intelligent new energy track.