2022 Fusion Welding and Thermal Cutting Operation Simulation Test Paper Bank 3

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1. (True or false) In submerged arc welding, high manganese and high silicon flux can be used for welding of low carbon steel with H08MnA welding wire.2. (TRUE) The number of solder joints on a car should not exceed 10,000.参考答案 : error 3 (判断题) lead glass should be used for observation window of electron beam welder when it is operated under high voltage.4. (True or false) The safety of brazing operation is intended to prevent the occurrence of production accidents such as personal injury and property loss.5. (True or false) Welding workshop welder operating area should not be less than 4 square meters, the ground should be basically dry.6. In the automobile manufacturing industry, laser welding can be used for the manufacture of automobile chassis.7. When acetylene burning is on fire, it is absolutely forbidden to use carbon tetrachloride to put out fire. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or dry powder fire extinguisher should be used to put out fire.The advantage of gas shielded welding of low alloy steel with pure Ar is that the arc is very stable.Error 9 (答案) air holes are sometimes produced when welding semi-killed steel by electron beam welding. Reducing welding speed and widening molten pool are beneficial to eliminate air holes.10. (Judging question) At least 1m wide channels should be set aside between each welding machine and the wall of fusion welding equipment.11. (true) Energy concentration of plasma arc (energy density up to 108~l09W/c㎡) false 12. (True) Carbon dioxide welding has higher productivity than electrode arc welding.13. The larger the cold Angle, the better the plasticity of the metal material.14. (True) During submerged arc welding, flux cannot reduce the harm to the operator’s body.15. Industrial acetylene has a special odor because of impurities such as hydrogen sulfide and phosphine.16. (True or false) When selecting the welding parameters of the fusion welder, it is best to use specimens cut into the same material and thickness as the workpiece for test welding.参考答案 : acetylene, liquefied petroleum gas and hydrogen used in gas welding or cutting are flammable and explosive gases.18. (true) Commonly used selection methods include table lookup method, experiment method, empirical method and calculation method.It is not necessary to modify the parameters determined by either method during welding.错误 (判断题) the melting welding place should have good natural lighting or local lighting.Correct 20. (True or false) The correct estimate of CO2 storage in a cylinder is made by weighing the cylinder mass.21. Bronze has the highest melting point of all copper alloys.Error 22. Care should under all circumstances be taken to avoid the formation of acetylene – air or acetylene – oxygen mixtures in vessels and pipes.23. (true or false) High vacuum welder should be used to weld evaporative metals and their alloys.Error 24 (判断题) automatic submerged arc welding wire feeding is completed by wire feeding head, arc movement is manually controlled.During welding, the wire acts as both a filler metal and an electrode that conducts electricity.26. Of all the metals copper is red.Correct 27. Carbon dioxide welding cannot weld ferrous metals.参考答案 : electrode arc welding is to use the heat generated by the arc discharge to melt the electrode and the workpiece, the electrode and the workpiece mutual fusion, secondary metallurgy after condensation to form a weld, so as to obtain the welding joint.29. (True) The noise of arc cutting during the operation of carbon arc gouging is large, so the operator should wear earplugs.30. (true) the average perceived current of an adult male is 10mA when the power-frequency current passes through the human body.Some steels have a tendency to be hardened. During the cooling process after welding, very brittle martensite is produced due to the phase transformation, which causes cracking under the joint action of welding stress and hydrogen, forming hot cracks.Error 32 (true or false) clean all inflammable and explosive objects within 5m of the operating environment during melting welding.33. For most fusion welding equipment, the determining factor of the suitability of the feeder bus is the allowable voltage drop, irrespective of the factor of heating.Error 34 (判断题) stop welding immediately if there is a short circuit during electroslag welding, but it is not necessary to cut off the power supply.35. When submerged arc welding, it is not necessary to cover the weld seam which cannot use padding, but can directly use submerged arc welding.In manual arc surfacing, the hardness of the surfacing layer is mainly determined by the alloy composition of the electrode and the post-weld heat treatment.Hs-1000 type electroslag welder is a universal electroslag welder, which can weld 60mm~500mm thick T-joint and corner joint welds.Correct (true) The GTAW wire is used as the electrode, and is continuously melted into the pool, and the weld is formed after condensation.(True or false) Gas cylinders must be regularly inspected in accordance with the national Gas Cylinder Safety Supervision Regulations.(True) Cerium-tungsten electrodes with low radiation dose should be used for argon arc welding.41. A certain pressure must be applied to brazing.(Judgment question) Accident hidden danger generally refers to the unsafe behavior of people, the unsafe state of things and the defects in management that can lead to accidents in the production system.43. (true) The welder can be installed adjacent to the large tonnage punch.44, error (true or false) safety production management is the highest realm of technology security, technology security is to point to by design method such as production equipment, facilities or technology contains internal to fundamentally prevent the function of the accident, even in the case of wrong operation or failure wouldn’t be an accident.Electron beam welding belongs to high-energy beam welding, which is a method of welding by means of accelerated and concentrated electron beams bombarded with the heat energy generated by the welds placed in vacuum (which must be vacuum).46. (True or false) If the gas cylinder is found to be seriously corroded or damaged during use or its safety and reliability is doubted, it should be inspected in advance.Correct 47. The filling metal used for manual TIG welding shall be straight rod (bar).48. (True) The foaming factor less than 20 is called medium foam.The welding characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloy are that the surface is easy to oxidize, forming dense oxide film, affecting the welding, easy to produce pores, easy to produce cracks.50. (True) The spontaneous combustion point of wood powder is lower than that of magnesium powder.51. (True) Welding equipment, tools and materials should be arranged neatly and not piled up in a disorderly manner. All gas welding equipment and welding cables on the operation site are allowed to be wound together.The casting performance of metals mainly refers to the fluidity of metals in liquid and the degree of shrinkage and segregation of liquid metals during solidification.53. Laser cutting can only be used to cut metals and their alloys.Foam fire extinguishers should be checked every six months.参考答案 : generally speaking, materials with good electrical conductivity have poor thermal conductivity.(True or false) Gas cylinders containing inert gases may not be inspected.(选 题) plasma arc welding (keyhole technology) can weld 15mm thick low carbon steel plate at one time.参考答案 : the bp1-3 ×3000 electroslag welding transformer is cooled by a fan.During gas cutting, the jet of oxygen jet will splash sparks, molten beads and iron slag everywhere, which will easily cause scald accident.60, (判 判 题) The scaffold material stacked unstable, too much, too high will cause the object strike accident.61, (Judgment question) Cutting torch according to the combustible gas and oxygen mixing way can be divided into two kinds of shooting suction cutting torch and equal pressure cutting torch, which is used more equal pressure cutting torch.The oxygen flux cutting gas is mainly used to cut the pouring riser of stainless steel castings and cast iron.True 63. High purity of cutting oxygen is not required during gas cutting.64. (判断题) general rules of safety in production should be observed in brazing operation.65. (True or false) When using gas cylinders, place them within 10m away from an open fire.66, (judgment question) for aviation and aerospace and other strict requirements of the workpiece, when the welding machine installation, debugging, should also be in accordance with the relevant technical standards, welding a certain number of specimens by visual inspection, metallographic analysis, X-ray inspection, mechanical strength measurement and other tests, to assess the reliability of the welding machine.67. (true) Plasma arc surfacing paint alloy is electrode surfacing.For the welding of general workpieces, after welding a certain number of specimens, they can be put into production after visual inspection without too deep indentation, cracks and overburning.Tungsten and fusion inert gas welding is particularly suitable for aluminum and magnesium.70. Electroslag welding is only suitable for welding in the vertical position, not in the inclined position.71. (single choice) About the provision of oxygen pipe material, the following correct is ().A working pressure in more than 3 mpa, use seamless steel tube B more overhead or cooking or buried laying, generally under 3 mpa working pressure, with copper pipe, such as brass tube C oxygen pipeline pipe generally should choose the seamless steel pipe, copper tube (e.g., brass tube) reference answer: C72, wrong (single choice) of the following statement is ().A, the right to apply to some special professional personnel engaged in B appear endanger personal safety emergency, first of all, is to stop operation, and as soon as possible to take emergency measures to take emergency measures, the invalid C promptly workplaces reference answer: A73, (single choice) chemicals or oil pollution equipment should be () when hot.A) after washing B) after pickling C) during cleaning 答案 : B) after pickling d) after picklingA resistance vacuum meter B ionization vacuum meter C magnetic discharge vacuum meter 答案 : foam fire extinguishing agent according to its applicable scope of fire extinguishing does not include ().C76. (multiple choice) The harsh, hard, bluish-green appearance of the metallized skin is caused by ().A pure copper B brass C lead 答案 : B77.B78 copper and copper alloys have good thermal conductivity, so before welding, generally ().A can not preheat B should preheat C must preheat with gas protection.A) ethanol B) ferric chloride C) potassium nitrate The following () belongs to the application of laser welding in ship manufacturing industry.A Body welding B filling metal welding large thickness plate B thin steel strip welding In case of wind, fog, () high work.On the one hand, there may be symptoms of local vibration disease, on the other hand, there may also be dizziness, vomiting, nausea, deafness, gastric ptosis, anxiety and other symptoms.A local vibration B whole body vibration C strong vibration 答案 : B83 (single choice) the cutting voltage of plasma arc cutting exceeds the no-load voltage of power supply ().C84, (single choice) submerged arc welding, when (), the weld depth is large.A direct connection B reverse connection C ac 答案 : the following statement is correct.The welding technology has been widely used in many fields. 参考答案 : the carbon content of cast iron commonly used in industry is generally ().B87. (multiple choice) When gas is used as the replacement medium, the amount required is usually more than () times the volume of the replacement medium.The main hazards of argon arc surfacing do not include ().A harmful gas B smoke C high frequency electric field REFERENCE answer: B89 (multiple choice) Usually not inflammation or suppurate, but often cause local numbness and loss of consciousness in the form of electric shock is ().A) Skin metallization B) electric imprinting C) electromagnetic field REFERENCE answer: B90, (multiple choice) Arc power and temperature of plasma compressed arc compared with free arc ().The e beam welding equipment shall be equipped with special ground wire, and the grounding resistance shall be less than () ω.The current system of fire regulations in China does not include ().A. fire law b. fire law c. criminal law 答案 : C93 (single choice) the main difference between manual surfacing welding process and manual arc welding process is ().A Operation method B Specification parameter C Prevention of welding defects Reference answer: B94, (single choice) using mu2-1000 type cantilever single head longitudinal circular seam with electrode submerged arc surfacing machine for surfacing welding equipment, its surfacing inner diameter is minimum ()m.A95 (single choice) When tungsten argon arc welding is used to weld copper alloy, () is generally used.A. alternating current b. direct current c. reverse dc connection 答案 : B96. The description of thorium and tungsten pole is incorrect.A) High electron emission capability B) low no-load voltage C) reduced allowable current rangeA increase in plasticity B decrease in toughness C decrease in brittlenessThe necessary passage should be maintained at the welding operation site. The width of the pedestrian passage should not be less than ()m.The following welding method which belongs to electrode arc welding is ().A. gas welding B. submerged arc welding C. manual arc welding