Hefei Late-night Bulletin

2022-07-10 0 By

On March 14, a positive case in a city of Hefei was tested for the third time by nucleic acid sampling from a person who had been directly connected with a fertilizer. The test was retested by taking nasal swabs, throat swabs and anal swabs, and the results were all negative.The new station district of Hefei also conducted nucleic acid tests on a close contact of an asymptomatic infected person in a county of the province. The results of the three simultaneous tests have just come out, and they are all negative.Those in Lujiang, Chaohu and Feidong who were closely connected or sub-closely connected with a county in hefei province also tested negative.As of 19:00 on March 14, a total of 598,195 nucleic acid samples had been collected in Hefei. The details of each district and county are as follows:Baohe (114,499), Shushan (70,671), Luyang (69,208), Lujiang (68,355), Changfeng (55,089), Yaohai (51,712), Chaohu (47,691), Jingkai (46,508), Feidong (33,295), New station (16,398), Gaoland (15,428)(9,341) At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim.Please follow the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and take good measures to protect yourself.Thank you for your support and understanding. Hefei will surely make you feel more assured.Cartography: Hefei Press Picture a clear rong media studio source: Anhui Traffic broadcast