QQ sonic name back?R2Beat: Sonic Awakening, on Steam, is a surprise

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If you don’t know that QQ Sonic is coming back as R2Beat: Sonic Awakening on Steam this April, you’re not born in the 8090s.As many people’s music game enlightenment, once “QQ Sound” bearing countless memories of the 8090 generation, is one of the lingering symbols in our young age.Becomes the small Internet cafe, after school or weekend’s classmates home, open a Windows XP system master machine, with black plastic texture of double swallow a keyboard, a real bar in mouth, such as jay Chou, jolin tsai, pan wilber pop singer’s songs, with dexterous hands on the keyboard swoop, only to reach more Combo,Wanton wandering in the sea of music and rhythm, enjoy the endless fun of music games.At that time we like “fast life” the leading role of the racer Zhang Chi, speed Mercedes in the music of the track, competing to chase happy end, never stop!Although the gameplay of the game is not complicated, but through the collocation of direction keys and function keys to avoid the obstacles on the track, but the difficult is for your eyesight and hand speed with the test.Most of the time, may be a distraction, gets up to the distance, and sometimes, when you stare at the track in front of the barrier, the in the mind constantly read aloud to prepare evasion, decided to hand a shake head on into it, friends will tell you clap you of shoulder, concentration, yes, but don’t give yourself too much pressure, take it easy instead to balance the global game.In my opinion, the more time we need is just such a simple yet leisure athletics game, with moderate pressure and infinite happiness, maybe you’re just blew a perfect game, was enough to make you happy for a long time, people do not understand what’s the point, but you know it brings you is not just a game, but constantly challenge their own limits.Release their pressure in the speed, no longer need to tense nerves, perhaps this is the charm of QQ Sound.However, there is no such thing as a party that never ends. In 2018, QQ Sound chose to stop service and bid farewell to players for various objective reasons. At that time, the page of “delisting announcement” made countless players who had grown up feel depressed.But now it has returned, and let players rekindle the flame of hope.Although there was no official revealed the detailed content of play of the game, but as the old players or the game full of expectations, after all, once the “QQ speed” can be regarded as a very pay attention to the balance of the game, to win the game only relying on its own technology, so the balance in a hope that the official can maintain good tradition,After all, no amount of “fancy” in a game can affect the balance of the game.Another point of concern for veteran players is the core content of the game — music.Now this time, the music has become an indispensable part of people life, from the classic oldies to pop songs, they are all regardless of age and geography, can make the person produces resonance, we feel the passion of speed, the track and feel the charm of music, in listening to music as Maya angelou, feelings in the music rhythm and strength,Naturally, players expect the music library to be updated so that everyone can find their own notes.Judging from the official news so far, players shouldn’t worry about that.According to official announcements, R2Beat: Sonic Awakening will play with The Group “Thrill Band” (now known as “Thrill Band”), and now most of their songs will be updated into the game.There are also the costume matching and virtual pet elements in QQ Sonic at the time, which I hope will still be seen in R2Beat: Sonic Awakening.Aren’t these elements too naive now, one might ask?But we miss a game, is miss at the beginning of that pure and full, that can decorate their confidence in the game, although we have grown up, but childlike innocence unchanged, our hearts or immersed in the kaleidoscope, feel the world of poetry and painting.Of course, I’m sure there will be improvements or additions to the basic gameplay, such as the 1080P sharpness currently added to the game, or the anticipation of whether there will be a face-pinching system, or whether there will be more variety in the access to songs or costumes.However, I believe that the core of the game is the most sincere nostalgia and love for R2Beat: Sonic Awakening to bring more players to the track to witness every miracle.R2Beat: Sonic Awakening will be available for pre-orders on Steam and VFUN on April 8th. There will be a special pre-orders page for pre-orders, and players who participate will be able to get a Chinese-style permanent set and in-game item gift pack.?