Shaanxi TV 2022 Silk Road Spring Festival Gala How to achieve “cultural circle”?

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On the recent TV screen, the tide of flow has receded, and the height of content value is gradually revealed.It is also the Spring Festival, and the Spring Festival Gala of major SATELLITE TV stations has always been highly eye-catching and popular during this period.In the current era and market demand of “telling The Chinese story well”, how to create and release the content value of the gala, not only to accompany the audience to celebrate the Spring Festival tone, but also to create content positions with value output has become the key.Among the Spring Festival Gala of major SATELLITE TV channels, the large-scale transnational fusion media evening party “Silk Road Building Dreams · Harmony and Beauty” 2022 Silk Road Carnival and Silk Road Spring Festival Gala (hereinafter referred to as “Shaanxi SATELLITE TV 2022 Silk Road Spring Festival Gala”) launched by Shaanxi Radio and Television Fusion Media Group (Taiwan) is unique due to the innovation and integration of diverse cultures.The whole evening party focuses on spreading Chinese Spring Festival culture and telling Chinese stories to the world. The content level takes the Silk Road spirit as the main line, based on Chinese traditional culture and integrating the world’s excellent culture, bringing an audio-visual feast with Chinese New Year flavor and silk Road style to the global audience.Shaanxi SATELLITE TV’s 2022 Silk Road Spring Festival Gala has won a full house thanks to its multi-cultural elements and innovative and integrated cultural presentation for all ages.Some media commented that “the gala has realized the mutual learning of Silk Road civilizations and cultural exchanges around the world through the language of music”, and “the gala shows respect for different cultures and echoes the Silk Road spirit of peace and inclusiveness”.Excited audience reached a climax is party a series of programs and scenes, such as the opening of the silk road symphony let netizen calls “silk days and party opening balance directly”, “flying the ci-poetry music”, let a person plaint “this dance there should only be heaven, earth rare to see a few times”, “lanling king into the array” and let the audience after watching “blood spray, sweat”…It can also be seen that the party brought full shock to the audience.Combining Chinese folk music and world music elements, “Wanli Tea Ceremony” describes the shape of tea, the way of being happy, the process of making tea and the scene of making tea with music. It refreshingly presents the Chinese tea culture that has been passed down for thousands of years in front of the audience and promotes cultural exchange and interaction.02 to strengthen innovation type expression, audio-visual charm 03 speak good new times Chinese story, passing on the silk road spirit source: media circle editor: challenges yuan editor: yun-peng liu audit: Marsha click below attention 1018 shan guang news WeChat public response keywords: social security, access to social security in xian reply N problems associated keywords:Key words: to buy a house, to understand the latest property market policy in Xi ‘an. Key words: to buy a house, to understand the latest property market policy in Xi ‘an.Shaanxi Broadcasting News has entered the following platforms, such as Douyin, Video, Kuaishou, Sina Weibo, Toutiao, Dragonfly FM, Penguin FM, Himalaya FM, etc