The drum washing machine is the new favourite?The wave style is enduring, and insiders tell you what to choose

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Years ago hard outfit, later will have to buy all the furniture appliances, recent holiday boring, ready to see home appliance, but over the ages, don’t know what to buy platen washing machine or pulsator washing machine, with relatives to discuss, they are shiva said shiva, be said on both with pulsator washing machine said preparation for drum, drum washing machine for clothes wear a little bit small.The friend that uses drum is ready to change wave wheel again, say wave wheel washing machine to wash clean, really let head big, thanks to a cousin’s girlfriend is to sell washing machine before, she analyzed once, I just know how to choose, share to everybody!Quasi sister-in-law said, platen washing machine is to be bestowed favor on newly, now many young people, has just installed a new home can choose platen washing machine, because the selling point of platen washing machine is to imitate the original way of laundry, the principle of use sticks to beat clothes to wash his clothes, and since you are balancing drum rotation, the centrifugal force makes the clothes will not be intertwined,And the cleanliness of washing clothes is more uniform, not how to hurt clothes, very suitable for washing some high-grade clothes.However, it takes a long time to wash clothes and consumes more electricity than a front-loading machine. In addition, since the front door is open on the side, it is impossible to add clothes halfway through the machine.And pulsator washing machine despite a very long time, but has been “enduring”, because the pulsator washing machine to wash the clothes really clean than roller, pulsator washing machines are the selling points of pulsator formation of vortex spinning around appeared, leading to clothes flip, rotate, achieve the effect of clean clothes, according to valid data,Wave-wheel washing machines are at least 10 percent cleaner than drum washing machines, so they have been very popular, not eliminated.But a wave washer uses more water than a drum washer.So the proposal everybody home is equipped with two washing machines, one is used to wash the clothes of the child, choose wave wheel washing machine, although cost water but wash clean and save time, and wave wheel washing machine is more favorable than drum on the price.Used to wash adult clothes choice drum washing machine, because adult clothes do not have so many stubborn stains, adult clothes silk or silk is more, now we know how to buy washing machine!(This article is edited by Qi Jia xiaobian, graphic from the network, if there is infringement, please inform us to delete!)