“Wind in my eyes” after spending more than 10 hours a day at home watching TV dramas

2022-07-10 0 By

Reporter: Xu Ruijie, correspondent Pei Neishang, her daughter couldn’t go home for the Spring Festival this year. Master Li, who lives in Hanyang, stayed at home every day to watch the drama, and sometimes even stayed up late to watch the drama.Yesterday, Master Li felt blurred, to the hospital to check the discovery of the original retinal artery blockage.This year, 65-year-old Master Li, thinking of his daughter’s family to return to Han For the Spring Festival, prepared a lot of New Year’s goods, but his daughter’s family can not go home temporarily, leaving only Master Li at home for the Spring Festival.Having nothing to do at home, he caught up with the drama.In the beginning, Li’s daily life was as usual, exercising in the morning, taking a nap at noon, watching TV dramas in the afternoon, and then watching TV for a while after dinner. He went to bed at 10 PM on time.But as obsessed with the story, Li simply skipped his lunch break and began to watch the drama every morning after exercising, sometimes even more than 1 am.So from New Year’s Eve to see the fourth day.The fourth afternoon, Master Li suddenly feel TV can not see clearly, and then see other things are also very fuzzy, so hurried to the hospital.An examination at aier Eye Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University found that Li had suffered from a blocked retinal artery, similar to a “stroke of the eye”.”We usually hear more is heart and cerebrovascular obstruction, in fact, the blood vessels of the eyeball will also occur obstruction, the most serious is retinal artery blockage, once the onset of the disease, need to race against time for rescue.”Yan Jing, chief physician of the fundus department of the hospital, said the main symptom of retinal artery occlusion is a sudden and painless loss of vision in one eye. Some patients’ vision can be restored after a short rest, but others may not be relieved.90 minutes after the onset of retinal artery occlusion is the golden time for rescue, timely treatment within 6 hours can restore partial vision, if the attack time is too long, there may be irreversible visual damage.In Li’s case, staying up late caused a blocked retinal artery.Wu Jianhua, vice chairman of ophthalmology Branch of Hubei Doctors Association and president of Aier Eye Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University, reminded that the high-risk groups of retinal artery occlusion include:60 years old or older, especially with three tenors (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar), atherosclerosis and other basic patient group and irregular stress life, long-term stay up late, overwork, the mood is too crowd, never tobacco greedy wine for the dinner party during the Spring Festival, routine to rule, don’t stay up late, don’t get too excited mood.Once the eyes have a sudden painless severe vision loss, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.